Shawn Mendes Reveals The Cancelation Of His Latest Show Due To Laryngitis

Shawn Mendes Reveals The Cancelation Of His Latest Show Due To Laryngitis
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Shawn Mendes had to cancel a concert earlier this week on account of health problems. On Saturday, the 21-year-old singer canceled a concert in Brazil as he recovers from a sinus infection and laryngitis. Doctors told him he had no choice but to take a break, otherwise, damage his vocal cords forever.

On his Instagram Story, Shawn stated he had to cancel his performance because he was sick and had laryngitis. It led to the swelling of his vocal cords as well, and for that reason, it was best for him to put the brakes on his upcoming concert.

Reportedly, Shawn had four concerts scheduled for the month of December, however, he was told by medical professionals to postpone the show. With that said, the singer has every intention of making up for the lost time.

As it was previously reported, Shawn Mendes has been busy not only with his growing career but also his relationship with the singer-songwriter, Camila Cabello. Following their performance of the song, "Senorita," Cabello and Shawn began dating, however, it's unclear how much of their romance was encouraged by their respective PR teams.

Reported by People Magazine four days ago, the outlet claimed Camila Cabello was more than aware of the fact that she and Shawn were very open in their public displays of affection. During an interview with Greg James for BBC 1's Breakfast With Greg James, Camila shared that she knew what people thought of her always kissing Shawn.

However, the star admitted she thought that kissing her man on Instagram was probably too much for most people. Back in September, Shawn and Camila sparked a bit of controversy after they were making out on social media. She admitted she knew it made some people mad.

When a caller phoned into the show and criticized her public displays of affection, Cabello jokingly said she felt "personally attacked." The singer joked, "yeah, PDA is terrible, I mean, kissing in public? I don't even..."

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