Shawn Mendes Opens Up About Rumors Surrounding His Sexuality - Again

Shawn Mendes Opens Up About Rumors Surrounding His Sexuality - Again

Ever since Shawn Mendes became famous as a pop singer and performer, fans have wondered if he was secretly gay. Even though he has denied the rumors repeatedly, he opened up about it once again, because the speculation just won't end.

On social media, fans of his love to point out the way in which he appears feminine, in both mannerisms and gestures, suggesting that his way of speaking is the tell-tale sign of his secret sexuality.

During a chat with reporters from Rolling Stone, the singer opened up about his relationships, denying, once again, that he's a gay man. According to Mendes, the way people speculate about him makes it tough for others who are struggling with their sexuality.

The singer said, "I thought, 'You f*cking guys are so lucky I'm not actually gay and terrified of coming out," before going on to point out several of the comments online. He has to admit, however, the comments on Instagram and Twitter get to him sometimes.

He added that if his fans really liked him and his music, it wouldn't matter if he were gay or not. Back in 2016, Mendes addressed the rumors, stating that his sexuality shouldn't be a topic of discussion, period.

Moreover, Shawn said he didn't feel proud of the fact that he needs to be seen out in public with women to prove to everyone he's not gay. Mendes joked that he felt terrified after Taylor Swift posted a video showing her putting eye makeup on him, even though he agreed to it.

Shawn is just "feminine," as he put it, and that's alright, that's the person who he is and it's what makes him special as an individual. Previously, fans believed he was dating Hailey Baldwin after appearing on the red carpet with her.

However, just a month later, she got engaged to Justin Bieber, effectively ending those rumors. Shawn explained that he reached out to her after the news of their coupling, even though she unfollowed him. To his fans, it seemed like Shawn was really interested in Hailey, but it was unreciprocated.

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