Shawn Mendes Opens Up About His Struggle With Anxiety And How 'In My Blood' Further 'Connected' Him With His Fans!

Shawn Mendes Opens Up About His Struggle With Anxiety And How 'In My Blood' Further 'Connected' Him With His Fans!

The singer opened up even more about his battle with anxiety, months after he released the beautiful single In My Blood, the lyrics of which discussed this mental health problem in an artistic way. Here’s what Shawn Mendes had to say!

Last night, the star won Live Music Artist of the Year at the Billboard Live Music Summit and Awards.

Before being offered the award, however, Shawn and his manager Andrew Gertler held a panel during which they discussed his rise to fame and more!

The star confessed that while he travels all over the world for concerts, he struggles with anxiety the most when he’s back home.

‘It’s actually much harder off the road because I was 14, 15 when I started, and I have become so used to Andrew being there, our tour manager, my security guard, and the whole crew that I can lean on and be with. When I get home, I feel disoriented about it. The big thing for me, every time I felt overwhelmed and did not tell Andrew, I got deeper into this hole. So, now every time when I have even a small amount of that overwhelming [anxiety] I tell him immediately,’ Shawn stated.

He went on to explain why that's the best thing to do: ‘Because if you are not solving the problem the very second it starts, you are going to create this massive thing. I found that the less I'd give out and explain how I was feeling, all of a sudden Andrew would ask me to sign ten posters, and I'd stress over it. [When] I started to explain how I felt and to tackle all of these things, I could sign ten posters and do ten shows, and it'd be no problem.’

Shawn also told the audience that after he released In My Blood, he received a lot of messages from his fans, thanking him for opening up about his own struggle and telling the star how much that helped them overcome their own problems with anxiety!

‘The feeling I got from ‘In My Blood’ being released and reading ten tweets, trumped 1,000 tweets about ‘Treat Me Better’ because I realized that me being so open about the anxiety thing was connecting with fans. That is the whole reason we do this - to have a connection,’ he shared.

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