Shawn Mendes Goes 'Unplugged' For MTV Series Reboot

Shawn Mendes Goes 'Unplugged' For MTV Series Reboot
Source: Shawn Mendes Instagram

MTV Unplugged returns to the airwaves on September 8, 2017, and popular singer and teen heartthrob Shawn Mendes will appear as the first performer. MTV released a video showing Mendes performing "There's Nothing Holding Me Back" that is quickly getting plenty of YouTube views.

Mendes can be seen in the clip with his acoustic guitar slung over his shoulder while intensely belting out the song. MTV Unplugged is just one of several reboots the network has planned.

Sometimes it's hard to remember that MTV started solely as a music video station. With many successful television programs such as T een Mom , Jersey Shore , and Catfish. The MTV Unplugged reboot sees a return to music by the network.

Though MTV has rebooted the series before and aired numerous Unplugged specials, the new show will appeal to younger generations who may not be familiar with the Grammy and Emmy winning franchise.

The reboot will also feature artists performing from locations across the United States that hold personal and sentimental meaning to each artist. Shawn Mendes will perform from the Ace Hotel theater in downtown Los Angeles.

The preview clip featuring Shawn Mendes has attracted plenty of attention via social media and fans are ready to tune into Friday's broadcast.

According to reports, Mendes prepared for his own show by watching past episodes of MTV Unplugged , including Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

Fans are excited to hear Shawn Mendes kick off the reboot with acoustic versions of his hit songs. He's dedicated himself to performing at optimum level and has spent a great deal of time rehearsing with his band. Reports say he's even going to bring a string quartet on board.

In other Mendes news, the singer has been talking about his fans and has given them a lot of praise. He says he considers himself a big brother figure to his fans and has encouraged those who attended the taping to have fun and sing with him.

Speaking to Paper magazine, Mendes reiterated how important he takes his being a role model to his fans and finds it a responsibility he embraces.

Are you going to tune in to MTV Unplugged and watch Shawn Mendes perform?

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