Shawn Mendes’ Calvin Klein Campaign Is So Hot Fans Are Losing It On Twitter

Shawn Mendes’ Calvin Klein Campaign Is So Hot Fans Are Losing It On Twitter
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Shawn Mendes new Calvin Klein campaign is driving fans wild on social media thanks to the singer being featured in his underwear. Yes, just like Mark Wahlberg back in the day, Mendes has joined the ranks of being featured in one of the hottest ad campaigns ever.

Although neither Mendes or Calvin Klein have released a statement regarding the new ad, pictures and video began appearing in stores, as well as online today. There are several photos of the 20-year-old lounging in various pairs of the famous underwear, and those have fans going wild on Twitter. The hysteria is real.

"Shawn Mendes for Calvin Klein is the gift that keeps on giving" Tweeted @alexandergold.

"Shawn Mendes is the new face of Calvin Klein omg" shared @vhsgrays


"Shawn Mendes being the new face of Calvin Klein is all I knew I needed in life" said @OnieXOX

Those are some of the tamer responses from fans since pictures of Mendes in his skivvies started popping up all over the Internet. Calvin Klein is known for having some iconic campaigns that feature young, hot talent. Although, it has been quite a long time since the underwear ads have sparked the attention that the singer is attracting.

Executives at Calvin Klein certainly hit it out of the park with their newest male model. Mendes is creating so much media attention for his involvement that people have barely noticed that Kendall Jenner appears to be featured in a new campaign as well. Who can blame his fans for drooling over the smoldering photos?

The Grammy-nominated artist has been making hearts flutter since his days on Vine. However, now he has a much bigger audience, and everything he does creates pandemonium. Two days ago, social media was loving him for a super sweet post featuring him kissing his mother. Now they can't get enough of his toned abs and killer good looks in the new Calvin Klein campaign.

Since there has been no comment from the star or the brand, fans will have to wait to find out what is next in terms of the partnership. Until then the company should be thrilled with the mayhem adding Shawn Mendes to their list of famous faces has caused. In turn, a Calvin Klein underwear campaign is definitely a sign that the young hunk has secured his "It" status in Hollywood. After all the brand only partners with the best of the best.

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