Shawn Mendes Admits He And 'Beautiful' Hailey Baldwin Were Indeed An Item After Previously Denying It!

Shawn Mendes Admits He And 'Beautiful' Hailey Baldwin Were Indeed An Item After Previously Denying It!
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They’ve denied it before, but it looks like people’s assumptions were actually correct! Shawn Mendes admitted that he and Hailey Baldwin were more than just friends prior to her tying the knot with Justin Bieber!

As you may remember, about six months ago, the singer and the model walked the Met Gala red carpet together, sparking dating rumors.

While the two have claimed they were just close pals before, in a brand new interview for Rolling Stone, Shawn confessed there was some romance there after all!

When asked about their time together, the star stated: ‘I do not even want to put a title on it. I think that it was more of a zone of limbo.’

The new statement comes after both of them denied the rumors, claiming they were just ‘really good friends.’

Obviously, at this point, it does not even matter what was between them since Hailey is now married to Justin Bieber.

About this, Shawn told the outlet: ‘I get it, you know. I texted Hailey, ‘Congratulations,’ and I am really happy for them. She is still one of the fu**ing coolest people ever — she is not just a beautiful person visually, but she is one of the most beautiful hearts I have ever met.’

When it comes to their history, however, it sounds like Shawn may have some regrets, as he called himself an ‘idiot’ - but for what exactly?

He noted that he just could not control his heart but was holding back during the interview, leaving his statement unclear.

Is he having regrets about not getting more serious with Hailey?

Either way, fans and the shippers amongst them now have their long-awaited confirmation that Shawn and Hailey had a little something after all! Pretty bitter-sweet!


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