Shaunie O'Neal Shows Off Slim Figure In Poolside Photos, As Shaquille O'Neal Tries To Win Her Back After Public Divorce -- Do 'Basketball Wives' Fans Want Them Back Together?

Shaunie O'Neal Shows Off Slim Figure In Poolside Photos, As Shaquille O'Neal Tries To Win Her Back After Public Divorce -- Do 'Basketball Wives' Fans Want Them Back Together?
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Basketball Wives 'creator Shaunie O'Neal is in the shape of her life, and she cannot stop flaunting it as rumors of a possible reconciliation with ex-husband Shaq O'Neal keep swirling around.

Via social media, the reality TV star shared a few stunning photos of herself where she is showing off her new slimmed-down figure.

In the pictures, the mother of 5 is standing poolside in sexy outfits where she showed off her bra and tight booty in a pair of skinny pants.

In the past few weeks, Shaq hinted that he would love to have his wife back with kisses and by telling the world that she still belongs to him and fans would like to see that happen.

One supporter had this to say: "Gorgeous as always 😍❤️ you did my face back when we lived in MD...I will be emailing you soon. I have a wedding I’m going to be in, and I ONLY want you doing my makeup doll."

Another Instagram user wrote this: "Wait... what? This queen got five kids??!! 😍😍👑She is such a beautiful woman 😍Lol Shaq fumbled! She looks like she like youngins no. Guess a new season of Shaunie’s home court ain’t happening 😭😭 I love your whole family dynamic and relationship. You the fun mom but still show kids you mean business."\

A third fan shared: "You are the warmest and fuzzy classy lady on reality tv. I'm proud to know you exist! @shaunieoneal5. Please don't ever change! Shaunie Jennifer talking about Shaq doesn’t mean she’s attacking your whole damn family, seriously knock it off. You don’t want to admit you are defensive over a man who doesn’t want you anymore and you bring the kids into it to legitimize it. It’s ok to be mad she’s dragging Shaqs name in the mud. It’s ok you and Shaq are great friends and partners in raising your kids. Stick up for that!! 🙆🏻"

This fourth backer told the hot mother: "@shaunieoneal5 @Shaq Thank you for using your platform and sharing such a private/scary family event with the world. Shareef’s health scare and successful surgery have given my family and me tremendous hope. My 11yr old son almost loses his life in March while playing basketball, and he was diagnosed with left anomalous left coronary. He is scheduled to have surgery next month at CHOP. May God continue to bless your family and watch over your children.🙏🏽❤️"

Shaunie is enjoying her life.

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  • Carolyn
    Carolyn Jul 19, 2019 10:49 AM PDT

    Shaq shouldn't go back to his ex-wife after all he is the one who made her a millionaire get on with your life shaq forget about that girl more fish in the sea,

  • Brenda Grimble
    Brenda Grimble Jul 18, 2019 11:33 AM PDT

    I would to see Shaq and Shaunie back together again. I believe the love is still there.

  • Garey O'Neal Sr
    Garey O'Neal Sr Jul 17, 2019 8:59 PM PDT

    I would like to see them back together.

  • Elaine
    Elaine Jul 14, 2019 8:24 PM PDT

    I think that would be a good thing, if Shaunie and Shaq got back together again. Then Shaunie can give me that bad a** orange outfit she had on basketball wives.Lol. Loved it!!!

  • Sheila Coleman
    Sheila Coleman Jul 14, 2019 5:12 AM PDT

    I would love for them to get back together

  • Sharon
    Sharon Jul 13, 2019 3:03 PM PDT

    Shaq should not want Shaunie back, for obvious reasons.

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