Shaunie O’Neal And All Her Five Children Look Gorgeous In 2020 Family Portrait -- Shaquille O'Neal's Ex-Wife Gets Emotional About The Lessons She Learned Last Year

Shaunie O’Neal And All Her Five Children Look Gorgeous In 2020 Family Portrait -- Shaquille O'Neal's Ex-Wife Gets Emotional About The Lessons She Learned Last Year
Credit: Instagram

Shaunie O’Neal took to Instagram to wish her millions of followers a Happy New Year, and she did it with a stunning photo that features all of her children.

Shaquille O’Neal’s ex-wife looked great in a mini black dress that showed off her killer curves.

While Shaunie turned heads in her outfit, her children Shareef, Amirah, Myles, Shaqir, and Me'arah looked terrific in the portrait.

The Basketball Wives star penned a sweet and emotional message where she reflected on 2019 that read: “HAPPY NEW YEAR from my family to yours! I hope you all have an amazing 2020. In 2019, I learned even more than any other year that my God is an awesome God!”

She went on to reveal: “I also learned patience, and you can never dream too big, move in silence, speak it into existence, it’s ok to outgrow things and people, & listening more than speaking. Lastly, I learned to make life decisions for my future, and not just the present. ♥️Love You All Shaunie ♥️”

During an IG Live session, Shaunie finally spoke about the inappropriate comments made by Evelyn Lozada about Ogom “OG” Chijindu by saying: “You guys always say, ‘You don’t say anything to Evelyn.’ The thing about Evelyn and I, we have been friends for…Jesus, about 15 years. I’m able to, I talk to her in some capacity every single day, whether it’s text or phone call. So all of our conversations are not on camera, and it’s naturally not on camera because technically on camera, it’s real. Still, we talk so much it’s not, you not even getting our super real conversations. When I have something to say to her, most times it’s not on camera because we talk all the damn time. So, you know, you guys say I don’t hold her accountable, yes the hell I do. “

She went on to tell fans of the reality show: “I do. We talk about everything. When she did her thing in Costa Rica, literally, and she could tell you this, I told her, ‘You’re buggin’, that was too much.’ I told her she was going to want to go on vacation when that airs because she’s going to be mad at herself. Now, you know, it is what it is, and it’s just entertainment guys. Don’t get so invested. You’re getting all of about three percent of our real lives. Trust me.”

Shaunie concluded by: “I think the cast that’s been together for a long time holds each other accountable because we talk to each other,” she added. “But we are shooting a TV show, and everybody’s grown. My kids are at home, so everybody’s held accountable for their actions. Period.”

Shaunie and her gorgeous children seem ready for 2020.


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  • Felita
    Felita Jan 5, 2020 9:17 AM PST

    Beautifully photographed and coordinated styling. Looks like Shaq also has a gay son or two and it's lovely to see it come out in their own way. #rocktwentytwenty

  • Nancy
    Nancy Jan 5, 2020 1:32 AM PST

    I believe Shaunie. There are ppl that hate the fact that she has a solid friendship with Evelyn and haven't been able to destroy it! It's not abt race as many use as a cop out but pure envy of that friendship & others! March on girls with your beautiful families & blessings! Happy New Year! 💖

  • Domica
    Domica Jan 4, 2020 11:07 AM PST

    Dont believe it until i see her tell evelyn on camera like she do everybody else ON CAMERA i think shaunie let evelyn do her and dont say jack i think they laugh about it together like they do ON CAMERA so quit claiming you hold evelyn accountable cause if you REALLY DID then she would calm her bitter down so miss me with that shaunie

  • Man eataa
    Man eataa Jan 4, 2020 10:58 AM PST

    Shaq please teach your children how to treat others no matter what the skin complexion is no matter what the race is no matter of the disability because your ex-wife doesn't know how to treat others so I know she didn't teach your children.

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