Sharon Stone Reveals Her Sister Kelly Is Still Fighting COVID-19

Sharon Stone Reveals Her Sister Kelly Is Still Fighting COVID-19
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According to Sharon Stone , her sister, Kelly Stone, is still fighting against COVID-19. Today reported that her sister, Kelly, who already has lupus, is struggling to stay alive after contracting the infamous virus, COVID-19.

Stone took the opportunity to shame people who don't wear masks, blaming it on them specifically. She wrote, "one of you non-mask wearers did this." According to Today, lupus is an autoimmune disease that causes pain and inflammation in varying parts of the body.

The outlet says it can often negatively impact one's lungs, joints, heart, kidneys, and skin. Stone explained her sister's routine, arguing that her sister avoided nearly all high contact circumstances, and usually only went to the pharmacy.

Stone says where her sister lives, there is no testing unless you have symptoms, and it's five days before one can get the results. This Saturday, Stone finished off her post with a plea for her followers, "can you face this room alone? Wear a mask!"

Reportedly, Sharon's younger sister took to her social media to share a post as well, begging people to understand that the virus and its effects are more than real. In the clip, she wrote, "I am gasping for every breath!"

According to Today, there have been 5 million cases in the United States and approximately 170,000 deaths. Fans of celebrity culture know this wouldn't be the first time a star urged fans to follow the government's guidelines.

This year, Tom Hanks, one of the first celebrities to reveal he was diagnosed with the virus , did an interview in which he said it was so "simple" to stop the spread of COVID-19. Tom said one should simply wash their hands and wear a mask, and so many lives could be saved.

As it was just noted, Tom was just one person who caught the virus this year while he was down in Australia filming a movie. Mr. Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, both contracted COVID-19, and they were quarantined in a hospital for approximately ten days until their final release back to the US.

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