Sharon Stone Calls Donald Trump A ‘Killer’ - Blames Him And 'Non-Mask Wearers' For Her Sister's Severe COVID-19 Infection

Sharon Stone Calls Donald Trump A ‘Killer’ - Blames Him And 'Non-Mask Wearers' For Her Sister's Severe COVID-19 Infection
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Sharon Stone is in pain seeing what her sister is going through and she can’t help but blame Donald Trump for it! After all, the actress’ sibling is currently fighting for her life after having contracted COVID-19 and given how bad the current POTUS has been dealing with the health crisis, it makes sense that she even called him a ‘killer!’

Sharon Stone revealed that her sister, as well as her brother-in-law are actually both struggling after testing positive for COVID-19 and are currently hospitalized.

She took to her go-to social media platform, Instagram , to tell the world that her beloved sister, Kelly, and her husband, Bruce, suffer from the virus, despite having followed the social distancing and protection rules!

But, of course, just wearing masks and gloves while out shopping for essentials is not nearly enough if everyone else doesn’t do the same as well!

And since an alarming number of Americans refuse to follow those simple hygiene rules amid a global pandemic, the virus is spreading more and more and it would not be a stretch to say that Donald Trump holds a big part of the blame!

After all, he’s never really taken COVID-19 seriously, minimalizing the threat, and has also refused to wear a mask, encouraging his supporters to do the same.

That being said, Sharon slammed all those who don’t wear masks in public places as well as Trump for his inaction.

Finally, she pleaded with her followers to vote with Joe Biden who is not a ‘killer!’

Alongside that message, Sharon Stone shared some truly terrifying pics from her sister’s hospital room.

Kelly is immunocompromised and suffers from Lupus, which means that the virus is especially dangerous to her life.

‘One of you Non-Mask wearers did this. She doesn't have an immune system. The only place that she went was the pharmacy. There's no testing in her county unless you're symptomatic, and then it’s 5-day wait for results. Can YOU FACE THIS ROOM ALONE? Wear a mask! For yourself and others. Please,’ Sharon wrote in the caption.

Then, a day later, she returned to her platform, sharing a video about the importance of voting.


Sharon Stone passionately told her fans: ‘When they say that there are tests for everyone, they are lying. People are fighting for their lives. The only thing that's going to change this is to vote. If you vote for Biden and for Kamala Harris. And the reason that’s going to happen, is with women in power, we'll fight for our families. We'll fight for people to live, and we will fight for people to get tested. Because the only countries that are doing well amid COVID are the ones with women in leadership. Please vote. And please, whatever you do, do not vote for a killer.’


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