Sharon Osbourne Says She Stands By Her Comments Regarding Kim Kardashian

Sharon Osbourne Says She Stands By Her Comments Regarding Kim Kardashian

Love her or hate her, Sharon Osbourne is resilient! As CI readers know, Sharon recently came out to slam Kim Kardashian for her - what Sharon calls - false representation of feminism.

Although the comments were vicious as well as misguided and contradictory, some people on social media have expressed similar sentiments, defending her willingness to stand by her words.

As was previously reported by Celebrity Insider, Sharon said Kim Kardashian - who poses explicit pictures of herself in the name of feminism - denigrates the movement rather than uplifts it.

The Talk panelist, who is 64-years-old, claimed, "I don't think what she does equals feminism."

Sharon said she doesn't think Kim baring her body for the whole world makes her a feminist.

However, she appeared to contradict her own words in the same sentence, as she acknowledged that Kim has done it on her own and has a terrific career, which is emblematic of the term, "empowerment."

Be that as it may, Osbourne has stuck by her words.

She said it's Kim's decision what she does with herself.

Sharon isn't "criticizing anybody for what they do with their own body," but, some on social media can't help but point to the glaring passive-aggressiveness coming from her comments.

Sharon says she's not "putting her down at all," and she has an "exquisite" figure, but she has to remember what she represents.

Osbourne said to the Telegraph earlier this week, "there's nothing wrong with being a h*, but always remember what you are."

Sharon isn't the only talk show host to criticize the reality star and makeup mogul.

Sheryl Underwood - who serves as the co-host on The Talk - claimed Kim isn't the best role model in the world, as it sends the wrong message to the young women across the nation.

Underwood asked the question: what if young girls decide this is the way they're going to make it, by showing explicit images of themselves all over the internet?


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  • starla822
    starla822 Oct 15, 2017 12:57 PM PDT

    She got famous because of a sex tape! It shouldn't be shocking or surprising that she uses her body to stay relevant. The fact that people pay so much attention and that girls these days look up to her is disgusting to me.

  • Veronica Robinson
    Veronica Robinson Sep 6, 2017 9:20 PM PDT

    I agree with them both. This is not something I'd want my daughters to think it's ok to show your body like that! There should always be a little mystery.

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