Sharon Osbourne Laughs While Telling Story About Firing Ozzy's Assistant After Forcing Him Into A House Fire And Her Fans Are Disgusted

Sharon Osbourne Laughs While Telling Story About Firing Ozzy's Assistant After Forcing Him Into A House Fire And Her Fans Are Disgusted
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Sharon Osbourne recently appeared on the British game show Would I Lie To You that features a panel guessing whether or not a story told to them by a celebrity is true or false. And, when Osbourne told her story about firing her husband Ozzy’s assistant after a house fire, the reaction on social media was pure outrage.

The game started with Osbourne making the statement: “I once sacked a member of my staff because he showed absolutely no sense of humor during a house fire.” Then, the panel started asking her questions about the story to get more details, and to determine if she was telling the truth.

Things started to get awkward quickly when Osborne began giving context and sharing the details of the story because it was much more than an assistant not laughing during a house fire.

Osbourne said an alarm started going off in her house, and Ozzy went downstairs to find out what was going on. It turns out, a gifted candle had started the blaze, and when Ozzy called Sharon for help, she discovered her husband in the living room with his arm and hair on fire.

Sharon said that she pushed Ozzy outside the house into a fountain to put the fire out, and then she found his assistant in a guest house sleeping.

"He’s like, ‘Is everything alright?’ and I’m like ‘No, the house is on fire, get out and help, go in and get the paintings out,'" Osbourne recalled. "And there were dogs and I said, ‘You must go in and find the dogs.'"

The assistant went into the house while it was on fire and rescued the family’s dogs and some artwork. Osbourne laughed while admitting that she took the oxygen mask from her assistant that firefighters had given him and put it on one of her dogs before telling him to go back inside and get more paintings.

"I said, ‘How very dare you. You work here. You get more paintings out right now,'" Sharon told the panel. "I took the mask and I put it on my dog."

Later that night, Sharon said she and Ozzy were laughing about the whole thing, but the assistant told them that he didn’t find it funny because he could have damaged lungs. Then, Sharon asked if he would find the following statement funny: “You’re fired.”

The panel correctly guessed that Sharon’s story was 100 percent true because she gave too many details for it to be a lie. Everyone in the audience was laughing, and so was the panel, except for Stephen Merchant.

Social media wasn’t laughing at all. In the video comments, one fan asked why Sharon Osbourne would tell such a story on TV, and another added that they are assuming her public relations guy has also been fired.

One person felt like the whole thing sounded like an episode of Black Mirror , and another wrote that they were hoping it was a creative lie.

"Imagine just proudly admitting what a horrible human being you are and getting applauded for it,” wrote one disgusted fan.

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