Shark Tank Contestant Arrested With $80,000 Worth Of Narcotics

Shark Tank Contestant Arrested With $80,000 Worth Of Narcotics
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The cast and crew of Shark Tank have come upon hard times for the second time this year. Page Six claims that a former contestant on the reality television series was apprehended by the police after he was busted carrying approximately $80,000 worth of drugs at his house in Illinois.

People Magazine revealed on Monday that Joseph Parisi, a man who appeared on the series during the 2017 season, was apprehended by the Department of Homeland Security, the US Postal Service, as well as the local police department.

Reportedly, an anonymous person informed the Homeland Security officials that there was a package containing ecstasy shipped from the Netherlands to his home in Geneva, Illinois. The authorities discovered the 31-year-old man was using the address to accept packages.

When the police went into his home, they found a cornucopia of drugs and paraphernalia, including 55 grams of ecstasy, seven grams of mushrooms, as well as another 65 grams of marijuana and cocaine. Additionally, the police managed to get their hands on two more packages which contained 508 grams of E.

If convicted guilty, Parisi is up for some serious jail time, as he was charged with several crimes, all related to the distribution, possession, and acquisition of narcotics, including the intent to use the US Postal Service illegally.

During his appearence on Shark Tank back in 2017, Parisi was there before the show's judges alongside his former partner, Nick Nevarez, to pitch the company called, "Guard Llama," which was a personal security device designed to allow a person to click "one-button" to immediately connect to law enforcement officials.

Barbara Corcoran stated she would give them a $100,000 investment to build the company. As it was noted above, Shark Tank members and contestants have found themselves in trouble before this year, including one of the judges, Kevin O'Leary.

Kevin and his wife were driving a boat on a Canadian lake when they crashed into another, killing several people on board. Kevin's wife, MacKenzie, was driving at the time but wasn't charged with a DUI, as some had initially speculated. Charges were laid against the other boat's driver as well.

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