Shareef O'Neal, The Son Of Shaunie And Shaquille, Reveals His Crush On Zendaya Coleman After Seeing This Photo

Shareef O'Neal, The Son Of Shaunie And Shaquille, Reveals His Crush On Zendaya Coleman After Seeing This Photo
Credit: Credit: Teen Vogue

Zendaya might not know it, but Shareef O'Neal seems to be interested in dating her. Shareef, the son of Shaquille and Shaunie O'Neal, recently took to social media where he posted a cute emoji after seeing a dazzling photo of the young actress dressed in a sexy suit.

Shareef posted a cat emoji with heart eyes. The Euphoria actress has not responded.

Zendaya wore the suit as she made an appearance at the Harper's Bazaar Icons event recently, and something about her appearance immediately drew the attention of onlookers.

It took social media to pinpoint it, but at some point, it became clear -- her suit was the same one that Michael B. Jordan wore earlier at the Vanity Fair Oscars party, around six months ago.

The actress' makeup matched her stylish suit, which was done in all grey, and she had her signature curly hair done in an attractive, tidy hairstyle in one side.

Zendaya’s stylist, Law Roach, was the first one to point out that something was amiss in her appearance, posting the question "Who you got Z or B????" on Instagram, and adding a direct comparison of the two stars to illustrate his point.

Many have pointed out that Zendaya probably did this on purpose and knew exactly what kind of a suit she was wearing, as she is already known for her extravagant, stylish choices, described as someone who would readily try anything and kill it.

People close to her have added that she likes to keep things fresh with her looks, and she has been quite active on that front throughout her entire career.

With that in mind, it is easy to see how her recent choice could have been deliberate, although the exact message behind her outfit remains unknown to most, and has sparked some debate. Many sldo weighed in on Shareef's message.

One person said: "She’s underrated as far as how gorgeous and versatile she.she dated Trevor Jackson .odell j Beckham and some white boys she never dated girls."

Another commenter stated: "I remember when Keith Powers had the deepest crush on Zendaya lmaooo he was in love LOVE back in 2015-2017. She still didn't give him a chance. She doesn’t want you; imma just tell you now before you get your feelings hurt 😂."

This fan revealed: "Their kids would be like 8 feet tall. He just thinks she looks nice 😭 y’all be doing the most.both of them can palm a basketball and can touch the ceiling without standing on they tippy toes🤔 might can work."

It is not clear that Zendaya will make a move.

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