Shaquille O'Neal Shows Off New Girlfriend Annie In Cute Picture, While His Ex-Wife 'Basketball Wives' Star Shaunie Is Looking for Love

Shaquille O'Neal Shows Off New Girlfriend Annie In Cute Picture, While His Ex-Wife 'Basketball Wives' Star Shaunie Is Looking for Love
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This week, Shaquille O'Neal debuted his new stunning girlfriend named Annie and his ex-wife, Shaunie, is also talking about her own relationship.

The NBA Hall of Famer showed off his unique fashion sense while strolling in the streets of New York.

Around the same time, the creator of Basketball Wives shared a post explaining that she needs God to really show her the right man for her because she does not want to be left brokenhearted.

Many women said they understand Shaunie. One person explained: "So true; then you think you can’t remember what sign you prayed for, so you pray again and for a more obvious sign. God’s like, “I know you heard/saw me; now you’re gonna have to wait. Dang fool! 😆😆 @shaunieoneal5Are you going to do another season of bbw...cuz I’m waiting I’m ready lol. Yessss the sighs be there An sometimes we just ignore them !! Ladies we need to pay better attention! 💯💯🖤🤣"

Another lady had this reaction: "I almost threw my phone.. lmbo #whyyyyyy. This is so me 😩 I even ask for dreams and get a whole dream and stiiiillllll ignore it all."

This follower laughed and added: "LOL, No He's Not,,When I hear the Young Ladies talk about Men, I'm kinda Clueless, was with My Husband 41 Years,(Since High School) 1976 ,I lost him, in 2017, now I Enjoy our Grand Babies, lol, I'm Good, Happy New Year to You and Yours."

A fourth commenter, a single lady, came up with the following clever joke: "Me: Ok but if that’s you you God can you knock on the window 3.5 times, open the fridge door, and make it thunder in my living room? ....
God: does everything. Me: nah that ain’t him he only knocked 3 1/4 times 😏. @shaunieoneal5 I learned my lesson. I no longer ignore those bad boys!!!"

Not too long ago, Shaq tried to seduce the mother of his children on social media, and she told him to leave her alone and to go search for a lady on a reality show like The Bachelor .

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  • lkofie
    lkofie Nov 20, 2019 11:17 PM PST

    Hmmm...his current girlfriend looks like the ex girlfriend "Hoopz" lol.

  • Tye
    Tye Feb 2, 2019 11:59 AM PST

    She really doesn't have to be single. All she gotta do is come to Rochester Ny and get me...xoxo

  • Kamala
    Kamala Jan 28, 2019 7:39 PM PST

    Hope she finds love too.

  • Lena
    Lena Jan 28, 2019 5:56 PM PST

    I thought she was still with that one hit dude

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Jan 28, 2019 2:22 PM PST

    Shauni is gonna stay single and play all she wants... and Shaq still pay her. I would ride that alimony ALL the way to the grave! Have fun Shauni. Life ia goooood!

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