Shaquille O'Neal Shows Off Epic Dance Moves In Viral Video -- Will Shaunie Enjoy This?

Shaquille O'Neal Shows Off Epic Dance Moves In Viral Video -- Will Shaunie Enjoy This?
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Can Shaunie O'Neal come rapidly and get her ex-husband, Shaquille O'Neal, because he is attempting to break the Internet with his epic dance moves.

The former basketball star took to social media, and he posted a video that went viral. In the clip, Shaq did it all; he wiggled around, did the butterfly, and delivered some spectacular shoulder moves.

Shaq captioned the hilarious clip: "Bout to bust up in the #NBAALLSTARGAME2019 like aaaaagh #omegapsiphi directed by @roparrish."

Fans agreed that Shaq is living proof that "you never too big, too tall, or too old to enjoy life."

This supporter claimed: "Damn, I never actually realized how Big he was 🤣that’s crazy did not bust out with the butterfly. I’m dead 😂😂😂😂😂 the shoulder roll though. Shaq is a mess🤣 . My mom loves him tho. He can do no wrong In her eyes lol. His dance moves will never change 💯💯🔥🔥Boy had the building shaking off the moves 😂. She felt the vibrations from the floor shaking...but #GoOffTho 😂😂😂."

This fan laughed and added: "Get it Shaq...those moves you busting get it in 😁. I think you might need some of that Icy Hot you promote in those commercials to cool you off those moves are 🔥👀🤣. That snap, in the beginning, was ultra dry. That song that real Atlanta shzt back in the day...almost every hood nigxa use to dance to lol women use to be going crazy too😂Shout out to his significant other because that is a whole lotta man to handle! Much love ❤️."

Another person explained: "First of all, I instantly started doing the bad girl hustle #Detroit. The little slide he does is sending me. You never to big to tall to old to enjoy life... this is dope💙He wearing a security guard outfit😂 love him. You cannot play that song and don’t do the line dance for it...Miami! 😉😊That was my jam when I was good and drunk up in the club 🤑Cindy wanted to know who was playing that jive music in the hall, so she knows who to report lol."

Fans are hoping that Shaunie will react to this hilarious clip.

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