Shaquille O'Neal, His Ex-Wife, Shaunie, And Their Children Pay Loving Tribute To Uncle Kobe Byrant And Gianna

Shaquille O'Neal, His Ex-Wife, Shaunie, And Their Children Pay Loving Tribute To Uncle Kobe Byrant And Gianna
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Following the unexpected deaths of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna, many fans were left devastated by the shocking loss of the NBA legend.

Among those was Shaquille O'Neal, who was Bryant's teammate with the Los Angeles Lakers for many years, and close ones, such as his former wife, Shaunie O'Neal, and daughter Me'arah Sanaa O'Neal.

Shaunie expressed her mourning for the great basketball player and his 13-year-old child by sharing a photograph on Instagram that was reportedly taken only one day before the tragic helicopter crash, which took the lives of the Bryants and seven more people.

In the picture, Kobe and Gigi could be seen standing among the audience of a stadium and watching a basketball game together, in which Me'arah was playing.

Apparently, the daughter of Shaquille O'Neal was very close to Gianna, and the two of them have been good friends because Me'arah reposted the photo of Gigi and Kobe on her Instagram page as well.

The devastated girl also wrote that during the game, she knew they were watching over her, and she was trying her best to impress both of them.

In a second post, which was meant to express her mourning for Gianna, Me'arah referred to Gigi as her "twin," because they grew up together and were born on the same day. Me'arah also stated she would represent her late friend in every way she could and finish what she started.

Meanwhile, Me'arah's brother, 20-year-old Shareef O'Neal, who is also an aspiring basketball player, posted a mourning message on social media.

One fan said this: "Hey Sis been praying for you and you’re family and continue to send you GOD’s Love and mine🙏🏾❤🙏🏾❤."

This backer claimed: "May his soul rest in power — a great soul. Good person. So much impact. ❤"

This follower revealed: "@shaunieoneal5 I’m so sorry! I can not imagine what your family is going through! I love you! I’m broken! 💔💔💔💔💔💔"

A fourth wrote: "The world is heartbroken. We all love Kobe....and to see Big @shaq breaking down is just a whole different level a pain. As a fan, we watch these men put their bodies threw unthinkable stress and strain. Family time sacrificed For the Love of the Game but as a fan, we don't always understand that these are still human beings and to lose this man in the turn of the century is completely unbelievable I send my prayers to everyone that is hurting at this time God bless the families that have lost a mother a father a daughter a son a sister a brother an aunt Uncle a cousin and most of all an icon RIP Kobe Bryant 824."

Shaq's emotional reaction has gone viral.

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