Shaquille O’Neal Gives Into Temptation And Kisses Shaunie In Viral Video -- Fans Say It Was Meant To Be And They Will Reconcile

Shaquille O’Neal Gives Into Temptation And Kisses Shaunie In Viral Video -- Fans Say It Was Meant To Be And They Will Reconcile
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Shaquille O’Neal is letting the world know once more that he wants his ex-wife, Shaunie O’Neal, back and many of their fans think that they will get back together sooner than later.

Over the weekend, the basketball legend and all his children -- Shareef, 19, Amirah, 17, Shaqir, 15, and Me’arah, 12 -- were present for the grand opening of his new restaurant.

Shaunie was also there looking stylish in an animal print dress.

Like the rest of the world, Shaq noticed how stunning Shaunie looked and he could not get enough of her.

They were seen hugging, goofing around, and Shaq gave into temptation and planted a big kiss on Shaunie, and she had the most hilarious reaction ever.

One fan said: "Yeah, they should try again if they feel chemistry, and they have trust within each other only if they daddy said good loving, outstanding, communication and good finances will keep u within your marriage FOREVER. I want to see this family back together. Shaq loves her; I'm sure he always has. Well, it looks like harassment per today’s norms tho! I hope it doesn’t get him in trouble then Oprah comes out with some “surviving Shaq “ bs documentary to cash in on the views" lol. It looks like that’s what we’re doing now. Lol."

Another follower claimed: "They both have had some much love from other people why not just get back together ( ain’t nothing out there ) who would have thought they had hoeing in common 😂 that’s real love right there ❤️respect it but don’t understand. Every relationship they try the other person can feel that emptiness because they are supposed to be with their soulmate."

This supporter replied: "It’s Cute that they have a fun and friendly co parenting-ship going on. If all co-parents could be this cordial, maybe the kids of our future could possibly stand a chance.🤷🏽‍♀️💯💯Eventually, I believe they will. As gas as social media... seems like their son's surgery has bought them closer as a unit. Love the Xmas videos.facts! 💯💯🙌 That's why I can't date men that say they will always love their BM or Ex.😒 It's just not fair for me. I can understand, them having love for each other, but him still and always loving her, I think not.🙅🏿 No insecurities, I just know my worth!❤️"

A fourth comment read: "Shaq is such a wonderfully funny man it's good to see he and Shaunie have such a good relationship they do have to co-parent together they may as well be friends, so that's cool Shaq is just a sweet guy."

Do you think they will get back together?


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