Shaquille O’Neal And Ex-Wife Shaunie Are Working To Get Back Together: Report

Shaquille O’Neal And Ex-Wife Shaunie Are Working To Get Back Together: Report
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While the last reports that surfaced about the relationship between Shaquille O’Neal and his ex-wife, Shaunie O'Neal, were friendly and about co-parenting, it looks like things might be a bit different and more romantic behind the scenes.

Recent rumors indicate that Shaq might be trying to get back together with Shaunie, and she is apparently on the same page as well.

The two have been split for around ten years at this point, but it has now come to light that Shaq had spent a lot of time trying to reignite that spark in the last few years.

However, it was not until recently that his efforts started producing results, as Shaunie was anything but interested in having another relationship with him previously.

Now, she has started to reconsider, and may even be on the same page as her former spouse with regards to getting back together with him.

Via MTO , a source said: “Shaunie wasn’t taking Shaq’s flirting seriously, and she thought he was joking. But now that she knows he’s serious [about reconciling] she’s giving him a second chance.”

It is not known what has changed precisely, though. However, some fans say their son’s health scare might have reunited them. The pair was recently seen getting cozy and sharing hugs and kisses during a family gathering.

On her hit TV show, Basketball Wives , Shaunie has talked to her children about the possibility of getting back with their father.

The basketball legend has not made any official statements about his romantic life, and people have been trying -- and failing -- to figure out if there might be any other factors that could suddenly make Shaunie forgive and take him back.

It probably does not matter that much to him anyway, as the most important thing for him right now seems to be getting back together with the great love of his life.

And from everything the rumors are saying he might have a real chance of accomplishing that if he continues moving in the same direction and some fans are praying for the power couple to reunite after a cheating scandal like Bill and Hillary Clinton or Jay -Z and Beyonce or Kobe Bryant and his wife, Vanessa.

Shaq has all his supporters rooting for him.


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