Shannon Brown Posts Thirst Trap Body Transformation Photo For Ex-Wife Monica -- Will He Ever Move On After The Divorce?

Shannon Brown Posts Thirst Trap Body Transformation Photo For Ex-Wife Monica -- Will He Ever Move On After The Divorce?
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Shannon Brown seems to be severely affected by his recent divorce from singer Monica and is doing all he can to get her attention.

It did not take him long to start engaging his fans on social media, showing off his body and commenting on pictures left and right, hoping the diva will react.

And from what supporters could tell so far, Shannon seems to be living it up after splitting up from his wife officially.

Some suspected that it might take a while until fans see more from him on the public front, as it was expected that he might take things slowly for a while to give himself some time to cool off. That does not seem to be the case, though.

If anything, Shannon has been making it clear to his fans that he does want to look back at this point, and he has made up his mind about letting Monica know that he misses her.

There was also some speculation that he might be regretting his decision to split up from his wife because he is often on her IG page commenting and complimenting her sexy body and amazing taste in fashion.

Shannon has been a bit secretive about his private life in general, so it is possible that there is more going on beneath the surface than what fans are seeing right now. Still, in the end, the important thing is that he feels comfortable in his situation.

It will likely take some time before observers see how things indeed are behind the scenes, though.

Monica said this about the divorce while on T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle : "Even though I'm on reality TV, I'm in front of people, there are certain parts and elements of it that I've never discussed because when you get married, it is between the two of you and whatever happens within it, it's us and God," Monica said. "And we fight the good fight because we have children watching us. So the reality is that, no matter what happens, he will always get my absolute respect, gratitude, and also my assistance in being a part of whatever his life becomes. He's an athlete. Everything that he does, I'll be there to support because that's what I vowed to do, even when the other side of it does not work."

Will those two get back together?

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