Shannon Beador's Friends Claim The 'RHOC' Star Is Struggling To Cut Back On Booze Amid Tamra Judge And David Beador Drama

Shannon Beador's Friends Claim The 'RHOC' Star Is Struggling To Cut Back On Booze Amid Tamra Judge And David Beador Drama
Credit: Source: Bravo

There is a lot of drama going down in the O.C. and isn’t just the nasty feud between Real Housewives of Orange County stars Vicki Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd. According to a new report, Shannon Beador is “struggling” to lay off the booze.

We are currently in the middle of the RHOC reunion . And, Radar Online is reporting that during part three, Beador breaks down when host Andy Cohen says that her castmates are concerned that she has a drinking problem.

“I’m not selfish. I am not crazy, and I am not an alcoholic,” Beador says while crying her eyes out.

An insider says that Beador does not believe she is an alcoholic, but, based on her behavior this season, she understands why her co-stars are concerned. But, the source says that Beador feels like her castmates are attacking her, and she doesn’t realize that her friends are simply trying to help.

After watching how wasted she got during this season’s cast trips to Mexico and Jamaica, Beador started to recognize that she was drinking too much. The insider adds that Beador is starting to take a good look at her life, and she is aware that she needs to do what is best for her health.

In addition to her drinking, another sensitive topic for Beador has been her weight. She claims to have lost thirty-two pounds since last season, and when she posted some new glamour shots from the RHOC reunion, fans could not get over her dramatic transformation.

In the pics, Beador was promoting a line of hair extension - which she wore during the reunion taping - and she revealed her staggering weight loss came from changes in her diet and exercise. She is still (probably) eating meals from her Real for Real prepared food line, but she has taken a break from exercising over the past couple of weeks since they filmed the reunion.

Fans have stuck by Beador throughout her difficult year. After her split from cheating husband, David, last fall, she went through a difficult weight-loss journey. And fans have flooded her Instagram comments with messages of support.

Followers are writing that Beador looks “awesome” and “beautiful,” even though Gunvalson poked fun at her during the cast trip to Jamaica. Shannon Beador did get the last laugh, however, when she unveiled her revenge body at the reunion.

The Season 13 Real Housewives of Orange County reunion continues this Sunday on Bravo.


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  • Kristina Rucker
    Kristina Rucker Dec 2, 2018 1:22 PM PST

    it's funny how they blast Shannon for drinking when the all drink a LOT!! That's all they do is drink and have catfights. Do some charity work with yr money or just work besides Vicki and the new girl I don't see anyone working

  • Andrea
    Andrea Dec 2, 2018 12:04 PM PST

    Shannon has been pounding down vodka since she's started on the show. Don't know why it has taken so long for the concern about her drinking to surface.

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