Shanna Moakler And Kourtney Kardashian Appear To Be Continuing Their Passive Aggressive War

Shanna Moakler And Kourtney Kardashian Appear To Be Continuing Their Passive Aggressive War
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Page Six reported today that Kourtney Kardashian and Shanna Moakler, Travis Barker's ex-wife and mother of his children, appear to have increased their battle of wits, so to speak. The outlet pointed out a new development in the appearence of their alleged feud.

As it was previously reported, Moakler and Kardashian first began to publicly feud - allegedly - when Moakler liked a post from one of her followers and commenters who tried to make her feel better by claiming Travis had "downgraded" from her to Kourtney.

According to Page Six, Moakler later came out to say that she never meant any harm to Kardashian , who appeared to respond with a long blog post on her website, Poosh. Kourtney titled her blog post, "How To Stop Obsessively Stalking Your Ex On Social Media," which many assumed was about her, of course.

Kourtney wrote in her post that it "isn't healthy" the way in which people are constantly checking in on their ex-boyfriends and girlfriends on the internet, including via their social media accounts and more.

According to Page Six, Moakler responded with a quote on her social media that read, "stop complaining about your life," adding, "there are people out there dating your ex." Shanna added a crying-laughing emoji to go along with it.

Reportedly, Moakler has said publicly that she isn't bitter about who Travis is dating, in fact, she said that she was happy for him and wished him the best. Clearly, that would be the best thing for her to do, considering she and Travis haven't been together for nearly 2 decades.

Moakler said to a paparazzo who asked her about it that she was "happy" for him and wanted Travis to be happy with his life. These days, Moakler is reportedly in a relationship with Matthew Rondeau, while Barker and Kardashian just made their romance official around one month ago.

This comes at a particularly interesting time for Travis, considering he has been working intimately with up-and-coming artists over the last couple of years, including the so-called "emo trap" rapper, Trippie Redd.


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