Shane Dawson Freaks People Out As 'Frozen 2' Trailer Is Released After He Delves Into Walt Disney's Body Being Frozen Conspiracy Theory

Shane Dawson Freaks People Out As 'Frozen 2' Trailer Is Released After He Delves Into Walt Disney's Body Being Frozen Conspiracy Theory
Credit: Source: 'Frozen 2'/Disney

Shane Dawson can't stop freaking people out with his conspiracy theories and it hasn't stopped following the Chuck E. Cheese recycled pizza theory. Last week, Shane Dawson released the first part of his two-part Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson series (the second half delved into Chuck E. Cheese, Fake app, Brittani Louise Taylor and her ex-husband Milos Mihajlovic and human trafficking).

In the first video, he discussed a theory that has circulated for decades. Many people believe that Walt Disney, who passed away in 1966, was one of the first people to use cryogenics with the hopes of eventually being thawed back to life.

Though Snopes has debunked the theory and says that Walt Disney passed away, had a private funeral and was cremated, the debunking and fact-checking hasn't stopped the conspiracy theories from circulating.

Due to the private and secluded nature of Walt Disney's death and funeral (including announcements), many in the public continue to believe that Walt Disney either had his head frozen or his entire body frozen.

Though that in itself is a conspiracy theory to keep generations busy researching, it was the November 27, 2013, release of Frozen that caused the initial conspiracy theory to spiral in a new direction.

You can find more information about Snopes debunking the original theory that Walt Disney was frozen below.

In 2013, when Disney released the blockbuster Frozen,  Google search engine results for search terms such as "Disney Frozen" or "Walt Disney Frozen" drastically changed. When for years the results would show conspiracy theories about Walt Disney using cryogenics, the results soon shifted and the results searched delivered trivia, videos, and images about Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf.

You may watch Shane Dawson's full conspiracy theory on Walt Disney and the creation of the movie Frozen to cover up the information in search engines in the video player below.

You might think the conspiracy theories end there, but they don't.

After Shane Dawson released his conspiracy theory about the possibility that Disney created the movie Frozen to alter search results, another conspiracy theory surfaced.

Shortly after Dawson's release, people noticed the timing of the Frozen 2 trailer surfaced right after search results were bringing up Shane Dawson's conspiracy theory video.

What do you think? Is this all coincidence or do you think the conspiracy theories are real? Do you think Walt Disney was frozen by using cryogenics and did Disney Studios come up with the movie Frozen to keep the information on the down-low?

Did Disney then release the Frozen 2 trailer to coincide with and counteract Shane Dawson's viral video?


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