Shameless To Air Its Last Season This Year!

Shameless To Air Its Last Season This Year!
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According to a new announcement by Showtime, the beloved show is coming to an end. As fans know all too well, Shameless has been airing for no less than a decade and now, it looks like the story is close to its big finale.

In other words, the beloved by fans and critically acclaimed comedy is set to air its very last season, number 11, this year and this was announced by Showtime at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

It makes sense that it’s ending as the original British version that the Showtime series is based on ran for 11 seasons as well!

A lot of the cast members are expected to reprise their iconic roles on the show while others who’ve exited in previous seasons might or might not return for this final season.

Shameless is not only a TV series loved by many but has also been recognized by critics as it’s won no less than three Emmys.

John Wells, who is returning as the executive producer of the show also talked about one of the cast members returning during the panel.

When asked about Emmy Rossum coming back, he made it clear that he really hoped she would.

‘I think she will, but you know, I do not know. We will have to see what she wants to do. She's been nothing but a pleasure to work with, and she is obviously a very talented actress, but she is also a very talented writer and director, and she is interested in exploring some other things creatively for herself. I am hoping when I call her that she will say, ‘Sure, I'll do it,' here and there, and if not, I will completely understand and still love her,’ Wells shared via Deadline at the event.

What do you think about Shameless coming to an end after 11 seasons? Are you sad to see it go or do you think it’s the perfect time to wrap it up?

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