Shamea Morton's Comments On Porsha Williams' Latest Video Shock Fans - Read Them Here

Shamea Morton's Comments On Porsha Williams' Latest Video Shock Fans - Read Them Here
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Porsha Williams is really happy, and you can tell this from her Instagram posts. Since she became pregnant with baby PJ, her whole life has changed, and she cannot wait to meet her and Dennis McKinley's baby girl. She's supposed to give birth soon.

Shamea Morton also commented on the video but managed to spark shock and anger among Porsha's followers.

Someone told Shamea: '@shameamorton that's a ridiculous hurtful first baby was underdeveloped and didn't make it through the birthing process.'

A follower came to support the one who lost her baby: 'Sorry for your loss. I hope that when you’re ready to try again or even if you’re not, that you are blessed beyond measure.'

More people addressed Shamea's words, saying that these were completely inappropriate. Other than that, people gushed over Porsha.

Someone told her: 'Remember the little one hears and feel what you hear and feel, give her or him a little classical and piano music and what how the baby reacts, very pretty.'

Another follower posted 'Still amazes me when I think of the growth you've made over the years. Especially, from the "Stewart," days!'

One commenter gushed over Porsha as well and said 'Go Porsha, You that Chic Already and I'm sure Dennis Loves it All. I'm so happy for you and Dennis...Sing Girlfriend !'

Just recently, fans appreciated one of Porsha's latest gestures .

While the future mom has been living her best life these days, waiting to meet her baby PJ, she cannot stop thinking about others as well.

She has done this before – trying to help the ones in need, and now she’s reaching out to her fans asking for support in a fantastic initiative.

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