Shame On You Matt Lauer And Megyn Kelly: NBC Fails Victims Again After Slanted Corey Feldman Coverage

Shame On You Matt Lauer And Megyn Kelly: NBC Fails Victims Again After Slanted Corey Feldman Coverage
Source: Nathan Congleton/NBC

Less than a month after NBC buried the Harvey Weinstein story that Ronan Farrow ultimately brought to the New Yorker, the network is under fire again for their coverage of the Corey Feldman child sex abuse scandal. On Monday, October 30, 2017, both Matt Lauer and Megyn Kelly interviewed Feldman about allegations he has repeated for decades regarding a pedophile ring he states abused him. Instead of focusing on the nature of the allegations, the two separately grilled Feldman for his $10 million fundraiser to self-produce and direct a movie that will depict his abuse.

Both Matt and Megyn urged Feldman to publicly name the abusers, an act Feldman won't do without the assistance of legal counsel due to California's statute of limitations.

However, anyone who has read Corey Feldman's autobiography or has listened to his interviews can reasonably deduce all six of the offenders he has named, most likely in less than twenty minutes.

As Feldman continues to draw media attention during the height multiple Hollywood sex abuse scandals, it is likely over the next week or two, the names will be peppered throughout social media networks.

Instead of showing support and compassion to a victim of child sexual abuse, both Matt and Megyn grilled Corey Feldman as if they were prosecutors putting him on trial.

Corey Feldman has given enough information regarding the abusers' characters and roles in Hollywood for anyone to figure out who they are. Additionally, the pseudonyms he gave them in his book Coreyography are phonetic variants on their real names, and he has even stated the names of the movies that he has worked with his abusers.

And many are online, talking about the alleged abusers on various social media networks.

Additionally, Corey Feldman told the names to detectives in 1993, but to no avail. After 24 years, Corey Feldman has the right to use his creative talents to produce a movie that tells his personal story of abuse and survival.

No one has the right to cast judgment on a victim of childhood sexual abuse and try to dictate the most appropriate way to tell the victim's story.

If Megyn Kelly or Matt Lauer had done the work of a journalist before interviewing Feldman, they would have deduced the names of each alleged abuser as quickly as the majority of social media users have and continue to do so.

Once again NBC has dropped the ball by failing to tell the story of victims and instead tried to silence them. Corey Feldman is the victim of child sexual abuse and unlike some of the women in the Harvey Weinstein case, he never received a civil settlement for his abuse.

He hasn't received money for a silence clause but has done everything he can to not only expose his abusers but protect himself from a failed statute of limitations law that only continues to victimize those who've been abused.

If Corey Feldman wants to raise money to create a movie that depicts his experiences at the hands of predatory pedophiles who abused him, who has the right to question him?

In both interviews, Corey Feldman had to speak over Matt and Megyn and politely ask them to let him finish speaking while he explained the purpose behind his truth campaign.

What did you think of the interviews? Are you like countless others who were able to determine whom Corey's alleged abusers are by the comments he has made?

Are you going to donate to his Truth Campaign and do you want to see the movie when it is completed?


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  • John
    John Oct 31, 2017 5:26 AM PDT

    Hmm.. I just listened to this NBC interview. I went into it on Feldmans side, and still am. But I don't see this "slant" against him in this interview. It was very professionally done and asks some relevant questions that a lot of us are asking. I kind of want to agree, in the months it will take to raise $10M, and the many, many more months it will take to produce and release this movie. Which I guess investigations will ensue after? How many, if even one more child could be abused by these abusers, in this time. I dunno. Not going to pass any of my thoughts off as judgement. I'll just say that I'm not fan of the News, but felt they handled this fine. Good luck Corey

  • realetybytes
    realetybytes Oct 31, 2017 9:59 AM PDT

    He should have been screaming their names in public for years! Dare them to go to trial so he can testify. Always going to be his word vs theirs, so this crap about needing legal protection is just that. Who cares about California Statute of limitations, it's a violation of his civil rights. Staying quite with little hints for years is BS! Playing this game today is more BS! NAME them. The public has right to know to protect others, and publicity will do more than law.

    • namename
      namename Nov 2, 2017 12:18 AM PDT

      It's not that simple. If he doesn't have legal protection he could be sued for defamation big time. He is also concerned about his and his family's safety. There is an element to this that people totally miss. All these lower level Hollywood pedos could keep their victims silent but Michael Jackson who was supposedly so rich and powerful couldn't keep the Chandlers and Arvizos silent? Please.

    • ChannonD
      ChannonD Oct 31, 2017 2:01 PM PDT

      You obviously do not understand the civil and criminal laws that keep people silent. Naming anyone is tantamount to Libel and he can be sued for all he's worth. He MUST have LEGAL PROTECTION to speak out safely and within the bounds of the laws of CA and the USA. You are being unkind, unfair and, frankly, very callous.

      • Diana Roby
        Diana Roby Nov 30, 2017 9:28 AM PST

        Why don't you check out the civil and criminal laws in California before you interject your opinion about this situation. You are not a nice person.

      • Cindy
        Cindy Oct 31, 2017 3:04 PM PDT

        Thank you. I agree.

    • Cindy
      Cindy Oct 31, 2017 3:03 PM PDT

      Any time a person blames the victim and points the finger at them, like they are to blame, it just erodes trust. Your comment is the reason more victims don't step forward.

  • Lacey
    Lacey Oct 31, 2017 5:38 AM PDT

    He has mentioned Charlie Sheen before.

  • Lola Gomez
    Lola Gomez Oct 31, 2017 12:03 AM PDT

    Who is the abuser that is most well known nowadays?? The other 5 are not a-listers so I’m wondering who the sixth is?!? Corey has described him as a “family man” it Robert Downey jr, Tom Hanks, Charlie sheen???? Anyone know?

  • Ricardo Manriquez
    Ricardo Manriquez Oct 31, 2017 12:52 AM PDT

    Corey never give up!

  • Brenda
    Brenda Oct 31, 2017 8:20 AM PDT

    I've always wondered about Rob Reiner. "Family man" he was on All in the Family, Stand By Me....

  • Susie
    Susie Oct 31, 2017 7:57 AM PDT

    I saw the interview with Matt Lauer and he asked a legitimate question. If it was a million it wouldn't be such a big deal but 10 million is a lot of money, of course he's going to ask why. As for Megyn Kelly you couldn't pay me enough to watch that miserable cow... I'm sure her interview was a disaster because every interview she does is an epic fail. I haven't read Corey's book and don't know who his abusers were but when it is public knowledge I have they pay with their careers, their families and any other way possible. To do that to a child... repulsive!

  • Charisse Van Horn
    Charisse Van Horn Oct 31, 2017 7:41 AM PDT

    The sixth A-lister abuser is the one most difficult to figure out, but I think it will come out soon enough.

    • Susie
      Susie Oct 31, 2017 8:27 AM PDT

      Could it be John Grissom?

  • Nancy
    Nancy Oct 31, 2017 7:30 AM PDT

    Corey is a brave young man, God be with him! He needs to STAND UP for All the Victims of Hollywood SICKOS, who think because of the money and power they have, they can do whatever they want even heinously abuse children! Corey is God's Sword, to AVENGE the INNOCENT! Matt and Megan are SELL OUTS protecting the SICKOS!

  • Judy Schultz
    Judy Schultz Oct 31, 2017 1:46 AM PDT

    Corey F continually uses Corey H's speaking out about his horrific experience on "The 2 Coreys" to try to milk attention, as well as use any oppty to make a buck. He has done nothing but disgrace Corey Haim at every term. Just as he tried to use every opprty to belittle him on the show, using Haim's past struggle with drugs. I love how Feldman set up a staged, over dramatic *lay on Corey Haim"s grave with Haim's own mother* photo op to include in his book, despite promising Haim's mother no pictures. That's really sick & twisted. Feldman, is a self centered opportunist. I don't know whether he suffered abuse, or just adapted Corey'Haim's tragic experience as a way to draw attention to himself, but I know he is a liar & a con artist who has done nothing but torment Judy Haim by using her son to pursue personal opportunities. You portray Corey F as just a forever victim by MSM. It seems you think no one should question his motives, especially,, pertaining to asking his loyal fans for $10 million dollers to promote a tell all movie. That's absurd. There are millions of victims everywhere. They ALL risk coming out. None ask for money to do so. Corey F has no more importance then non celebrity victims. To Judy Haim & Corey Haim's friends and loved ones, if you read this.. I'm sorry for your tragic loss, and I'm so sorry you can't preserve your son's memories in peace. I loved your son as a gifted actor, and I loved him even more when I saw how wonderful of a man he was, despite his personal pain & struggles. God bless all of you. May you one day find peace from the vulchers of Hollywood. RIP Corey Haim ?❤

  • Shea
    Shea Oct 31, 2017 12:17 AM PDT

    Why are all these serious issues throughout the United States being overlooked for so long because people who are in the media want to sit there and clinically enable the f****** who keep doing this and that's not just in Hollywood that goes for my own Hometown I've had to save kids I've had to save abused spouses and the corruption is through the damn roof if you people would wake the f****** and get all this f****** s*** straight then America will not have so much oppression and depression in this these areas. At this point I think y'all like watching the abusers abuse people. Read The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell and help America tip these subjects instead of sitting there being an a******. In the Tipping Point you'll read about 3,000 people sitting there watching a murder and not calling 911 so now we're watching media and the rest of these other organizations and groups basically Target these particular people. Y'all have made it a game instead of what it truthfully is and man do I get to put what kind of disorders y'all have watching this b******* and not doing anything about it

  • Sal
    Sal Oct 31, 2017 2:35 AM PDT

    Cry me a river. He cares more about getting attention for himself then he does for children who might be abused right now. While he takes another 2+ years to complete his expensive flick (when he could just do a YouTube video) some child is probably being raped. All Corey seems to care about is himself. Two documentaries on this have already been made anyway: 1.Open Secret 2. One by Craig Sawyer nearing completion right now. Is yet another docudrama going to save kids being molested right now? Craig Sawyer has also offered him highly skilled protection, for free. Other Hollywood actors have exposed pedos like Kevin Spacey w/o worrying about statute of limitations. I mean, the excuses are sure getting old.

  • Jamey
    Jamey Oct 31, 2017 2:33 AM PDT

    Look, I have always loved the 'two corey's" feldman and haim, but when it comes down too it we are talking about predators here and CHILDERN getting brutally scared, and many their lives ruined forever, as corey should know through himself, and his good friend whom is no longer here. The issues is, these pedophile's do not stop at one child, nor do they ever stop because they can NOT ever be rehabilitated. It's like the worse, mental defect a person can have (man, or woman) and not only needs to be stopped, but also in my opinion put to sleep for good , so it can save other children out there from being harmed. This is my issue with feldman. He has a child that I am sure he would do anything and everything to protect, and that should be what every parent does. Some of these parents are clueless, and yes, even some I'm sure don't care if it brings their family fame and money, but what feldman has done is make a mockery of this. Yes, by all means he can make a movie, tv show anything about his life, and it's story, even if it means crowd funded to do it, but when it comes down to the major issue at hand and heart it always comes down to MONEY. Like I said, if he comes out, others will follow, a predator never stops at just one. Why not do the right thing, when it comes down to the truth of the matter, why not just come out with anything and everything he knows, for free because he would not want any other children to go through the horror of what he lived through, and what his friend haim did not, and I'm sure many others of his friends as well. It's not a money thing, it's about doing what's right as a human, parent, friend and survivor. This is what I am many have an issue with. I have watched his interviews and read his book, but I honestly have not a clue in the world as to whom he was saying we're the people that did this (he has said haim and him had separate abusers, so there must be a horde of these sickos out there) because many people in the United states don't "run in those circles "or even know how many it takes to make a movie etc or what goes down as a process for that. Most of us just watch a movie, turn it on and don't even know the producer, or director, company whom made it etc, we just turn it on to watch the plot, and maybe our favorite people in it. Ever since the Harvey thing, I am only now trying to figure out what companies and movies he's involved with, so I don't watch or support tnis. I just found out jeepers creepers 3 guy is a sicko too, and they KNEW this. It's about to the point I am ready to just cancel cable. I don't use it for much, other then back ground noise anyway, just to be on the save side. Many of us that are not involved in that lifestyle and hollyweird, has not any clue as to whom these people are anyways. I had never heard of the creepers 3 guy, and only had heard courtney love at the red carpet for the Pam Anderson roast years ago mention weinstien. Corey can say it's for security, and a movie etc. When he should just name names. The drama and other stuff is just wrong. He names names, get proof then sues the company if it's about money (as the article said he didn't get any money like some others have done). Honestly, he never named names in his book, who really thinks if they donate he's really going to come out with those names now and it's not just some type of hyped up scheme to put some MO ey in his pocket and claim it was for "security and laywers" and oops, he didn't make enough for him to make this million dollar movie. ....just come on man, if you were truly hurt by what happened to you and you don't want it to keep happening to other kids out there, please Corey, I BEG you to come out with it, have your wife, ex wife etc "leak" the names, a manager or even a friend d that's willing to do it, be a hero to others because like I said, these nasty sicko do not just stop at one, your not the only one, and if they are able they still will be out there ruining lives, even if it's just in their neghiborhood, family etc...please, please do the right thing. ...if you want to make a movie, please do so, but first be a hero!!! Thank you

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