Shakira Says She's Feeling The 'Pressure' Of Performing At The Super Bowl This Year

Shakira Says She's Feeling The 'Pressure' Of Performing At The Super Bowl This Year
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Fans of football, Jennifer Lopez, and Shakira, know that the two Latina superstars will host the Super Bowl LIV halftime show this weekend. CBS News reported, however, that Shakira is definitely feeling the "pressure" of having to perform alongside J-Lo in what is the most viewed event on American television.

Despite the fact Shakira already has a long career working as a performing artist, she faces additional pressure at this year's Super Bowl for a particular reason. The star explained, "In a way, I'm representing a huge part of the Latin community in the US," adding that the Latino community needs to be represented properly.

The star added that she thinks it's a great opportunity for her to do so. The singer-songwriter claimed she has been working tirelessly on her performance, even looking to other cultures and influences across the globe.

Shakira believes she has a "moral obligation" to put everything on the line. Fans of Shakira know she has worked for other sporting events, including back in 2010 when she was hired to create a special anthem for the soccer World Cup.

The singer's track, "Waka Waka" subsequently became a massive hit and also brought Gerard Piqué into the limelight after he made a short appearence in the music video. Coincidentally, Shakira and Piqué both share a birthday on the 2nd of February which is the same day as the Super Bowl.

According to CBS News, Piqué claimed he has already seen parts of her performance, and it'll be amazing. "I think that she will be great," the soccer player added. Earlier today, Jennifer Lopez was also in the media ahead of her performance alongside Shakira.

The singer-songwriter shared her thoughts on performing with the "Waka Waka" singer as well as the death of Kobe Bryant. J-Lo explained that her fiance, Alex Rodriguez, knew Vanessa and Kobe Bryant very well, so it was particularly emotional for him.

J-Lo and Shakira are arguably the most influential Latina artists of all time, paving the way for the next generation of performers including Camila Cabello and many others.

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