Shakira Could End Up In Jail After Being Accused Of Tax Evasion For Years - Read The Details!

Shakira Could End Up In Jail After Being Accused Of Tax Evasion For Years - Read The Details!
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According to new reports, Shakira is in big trouble with the law! Apparently, the Spanish authorities have accused the famous singer of tax evasion! Now, Shakira is being investigated over a four years period, starting with 2011 and ending in 2014.

The complaint was filed at the end of 2017, and the prosecutors are currently still determining if they agree with the claims or not.

If they decide that it is a valid issue and move forward with the proper legal actions, the pop star could even face jail time.

As fans undoubtedly know about her, Shakira spends a lot of her time in Spain, alongside her kids fathered by Barcelona football player, Gerard Pique.

That being said, in 2015 she became a full tax resident of Spain for that exact reason.

It is however argued that she should have started paying taxes in 2011.

We have also learned that the prosecution team dealing with the case might go for ‘several dozen million Euros,’ and could even demand that she also serves time behind bars!

Meanwhile, sources close to Shakira claim that she has always paid her taxes and is also ready to discuss the ‘economic consequences of technical discrepancies with the inspection of Treasury.’

‘It’s actually a difference of criteria, not of fiscal concealment,’ one insider added.

Her attorney, Ezequiel Camerini stated that ‘as an international artist, she’d lived in several places in the course of her career, acting in accordance with the laws of all of the jurisdictions she resides in.'

Also towards the end of 2017, in October to be more exact, rumors that she and Pique had split started to go around.

The sportsman was able to shut down these speculations by simply posting about her tour rehearsal on his social media platforms.

Do you think Shakira might, unfortunately, go to jail?

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