Shahs Of Sunset Stars Mercedes MJ Javid And Reza Farahan At War

Shahs Of Sunset Stars Mercedes MJ Javid And Reza Farahan At War

Reza Farahan and Mercedes "MJ" Javid are taking their war to the next level. In the latest development, MJ's husband, Tommy Feight, crossed the line and damaged Farahan's property. He also threatened to murder the Shahs of Sunset star, a threat Farahan did not take lightly.

After the vandalism, which was allegedly caught on video, Farahan was awarded a restraining order against Feight. In the official court documents, Farahan claimed that Feight called him on the phone and threatened to kill him. He then arrived at the reality star's residence and destroyed some outdoor decorations.

According to All About The Tea , the fight between Farahan and MJ began over a salary issue. MJ was apparently having trouble securing a new contract, so she started some drama to save her spot on the show.

This includes spreading a rumor about how Farahan's husband, Adam, had an affair and engaged in questionable sexual activity. In light of the rumors, Farahan recently shared a video online that fully explained his point of view.

As far as Feight is concerned, he got angry because Farahan revealed text messages between him and MJ. Some of the private messages featured medical information about MJ, including details about her complicated birth this past April.

The leak was too much for Feight to handle and he snapped. There is no telling what will happen in the coming weeks, but Feight faces serious charges and penalties for his actions.

Feight is scheduled to appear in court with Farahan next month. In the meantime, he is supposed to stay 100 yards away from Farahan and Adam.

MJ and Feight tied the knot last year and had their first child together, Shams Francis Feight, back in April. MJ has not commented on the growing feud between her husband and Farahan, but it does not look like their issues are going to be resolved any time soon.

Shahs of Sunset is rumored to return with new episodes later this year on Bravo.


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