Shahs Of Sunset Star Recalls Her Shocking Relationship With R. Kelly!

Shahs Of Sunset Star Recalls Her Shocking Relationship With R. Kelly!
Credit: Source: Urban Islandz

Sara Jeihooni is a newcomer on Bravo's Shah's of Sunset. The 29-year-old revealed a shocking secret that just solidified her place in the cast.

Sara is R. Kelly's ex-girlfriend of three years. During last night's episode of the show, she was subpoenaed by two agents.

In her confessional, she explained why she decided to date the man in 2013 after hearing so many bad rumors about him.

She said: 'Robert was very charming, so kind -- definitely not what I would have expected.'

While speaking with her co-star Reza Farahan, she claims that she saw none of the behavior described in the groundbreaking 2019 documentary Surviving R. Kelly.

Sara says that they had an 'adult relationship' where she set boundaries -- boundaries that possibly saved her from being one of the abused. Jeihooni also claims to never have seen him with any underage girls.

The relationship ended because she went to a party and his studio and found out that he was dating other women there.

'I don't speak to him anymore. And I've watched the documentary and I'm like, the person I loved is a monster, but I don't know that guy.'

She went on to say that although he wasn't abusive, he was controlling.

'Although I didn't have a perfect relationship, he was really very controlling. The reason my experience was different because of the boundaries I set in the relationship. In hindsight, every single small boundary, every single small decision that I had really altered the dynamic between him and I. And it really kind of saved my life.'

Reza promised his friend that he would not say anything to the other people in the group.

The clip quickly went viral.

Meanwhile, R. Kelly has been slapped with a slew of new charges that include reckless endangerment and knowing exposure of infectious venereal disease as he's been accused of giving two anonymous women herpes.


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