Shahs Of Sunset: Golnesa GG Gharachedaghi Gets Candid About Raising Her Newborn Alone: 'It's Scary'

Shahs Of Sunset: Golnesa GG Gharachedaghi Gets Candid About Raising Her Newborn Alone: 'It's Scary'
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The world is a scary place for everyone right now, but especially for parents who are expecting or just welcomed a bundle of joy. After giving birth in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Golnesa Gharachedaghi is getting candid about motherhood.

Just days before she gave birth, she explained that she will only be able to have one loved one in the hospital with her due to the restrictions on visitation.

While chatting with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, she admitted that she was feeling sad.

'I would say the last two months have weighed a little heavy on me because I haven't really been able to interact with my friends -- or had that physical support of friends being around. And knowing that I can't have all my family with me in the hospital to see my son as soon as he is born -- it makes me really sad, it makes me sad.'

Although the Shahs of Sunset star couldn't be happier to have finally met the little person that was living inside her, she didn't make it seem like it was all sunshine and roses.

The reality star shared an adorable picture of baby boy alongside a caption that addressed the coronavirus, her rheumatoid arthritis, and being a single mother.

'Having a baby during this unfortunate pandemic is hard, but it's nothing compared to the many obstacles which lie ahead of me. It was definitely a bit scary to be in the hospital knowing this extremely contagious virus is all around, but it's also scary that I don't have all of the answers to give my son when he asks me certain questions like, "Who is my dad"? It's scary that after holding him for just 10 minutes, my arms and hands go numb because of my rheumatoid arthritis and it makes it so painful for me to cuddle my baby all day.'

She went on to say: 'It's scary that I will have to play the role of 2 parents and teach a boy how to become a man when I know nothing about it myself. There are a million obstacles which lie ahead for me and baby Elijah, but I honestly wouldn't trade any of it for the world! He is so special to me and I completely submit my entire self to him for as long as my heart beats... because it now only beats for him! #MySon #Grateful'

She received lots of supportive comments and compliments about Elijah's good looks.

Congratulations to Golnesa for having a safe delivery.


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