Shahs Of Sunset: Ali Ashouri Files Restraining Order Against Reza Farahan!

Shahs Of Sunset: Ali Ashouri Files Restraining Order Against Reza Farahan!
Credit: Source: E!

Ali Ashouri stirred up trouble this season of Shahs of Sunset when he spread a rumor that Reza Farahan's husband was playing naked Jenga while he was away. Now, the friend of Destiney Rose has taken out a restraining order on Reza.

The last time viewers saw Ali was when Farahan had an argument that turned violent with him at a sit down where Ashouri printed receipts of Reza's beau being inappropriate.

Apparently, that's also the last time Reza saw Ali too which makes the restraining order confusing.

On Thursday, Ashouri cited civil harassment prevention in his protective order against the Bravolebrity who he claims has continued to make threats off-camera since the incident.

He told E! Online: 'I want this to be a lesson that you can't go around assaulting people and then holding others like Tommy to a different standard. I just want him to be accountable for his actions. This has nothing to do with MJ. This has to do with how Reza continues to treat me.'

However, a source close to the situation told US Weekly that Ali isn't even on Reza's radar.


'Reza hasn’t talked to Ali since what aired on the show, and that was taped about eight months ago, a year ago. So this is pretty unwarranted and feels like Ali’s ploy to get on the show. It’s a laughable attempt and so ridiculous. He doesn’t need a restraining order to keep Reza away. Reza doesn’t want to be anywhere near Ali.'

Co-star Mike Shouhed also vouched to the magazine that Ali may be doing it for attention.

'I heard Ali and (Fyre Festival founder) Billy McFarland are good friends. Billy told Ali that there is no such thing as bad publicity and to milk any opportunity he can to get ‘fame,’ so Ali did and this was the result. In my opinion, the guy needs a hug but not from me.'

What do you think about this incident?


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