Shahadi Wright Joseph Displays Fanciful Hairstyles As The Lion King Actress Continues Her Press Tour

Shahadi Wright Joseph Displays Fanciful Hairstyles As The Lion King Actress Continues Her Press Tour
Credit: Source: Shahadi Wright Joseph/Instagram

At just 14-years-old, Shahadi Wright Joseph is a role model for young black girls worldwide. The singer, actress, and dancer has been stealing the show since she debuted on Broadway, played Zora Wilson/Umbrae in Jordan Peele's Us , and played Little Inez in NBC's Hairspray Live!. Now, Shahadi Wright Joseph will bring her talents to The Lion King where she voices the character of young Nala.

While Shahadi Wright Joseph has been making the press rounds promoting the movie that premieres on July 19, 2019, she stopped to speak with Refinery 29. The photos from that shoot are going viral as fans praise Shahadi Wright Joseph's hair and makeup.

At 14-years-old, there is an important balance to maintain ensuring that you don't make young teens appear to old or too mature. Shahadi Wright Joseph photos are stylish, yet fun and age-appropriate and people are going crazy over them, nearly as much as they are going crazy over the rising star.

You may see the photos taken by Refinery 29 and shared on Shahadi's Instagram page below.

Photographer Natalia Mantini shot Shahadi for the shoot and celebrity hairstylist Nikki Nelms did the beautiful and stylish looks. Celebrity makeup artist Jessica Smalls did Shahadi's face and enhanced her natural beauty without making her look to adult or overly made up.

Jessica chose shades of gold, orange, and a bright yellow to accentuate Shahadi's skin tone. She kept her lips a natural color so though she wore makeup, she still looked like a young teen.

Nikki Nelms shared some additional photos from the shoot including the following picture where Shahadi is sitting on the floor.

Refinery 29 stated the following about Shahadi Wright Joseph while sharing a star and lion emoji.

"✨”For young Black girls in Hollywood, there is a lot of opportunity because people are finally opening their eyes to how much we can really showcase" — #ShahadiWrightJoseph 🦁


Shahadi Wright Joseph has a full career ahead of her and many believe that after the release of the Lion King, her star power will skyrocket.

She has the movie Dream Years in the works, and some suspect she's going to have more projects coming her way after Lion King . What do you think of Shahadi's fun and creative photos?


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