Shaggy Turns Down Collaboration With Rihanna - He Didn't Want To Audition

Shaggy Turns Down Collaboration With Rihanna - He Didn't Want To Audition
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During a conversation with Britain's Daily Star, Madame Noire claims, the Reggae artist, Shaggy, revealed he was given an opportunity to work alongside Rihanna, however, he turned it down. Page Six reported that the artist was given the opportunity to collaborate with the hit-maker but said no due to being asked to audition.

The outlet claims Shaggy didn't want to audition to appear on the record, because he felt as though his position in the industry was already well-established. Apparently, Rihanna and her team offered him an audition, rather than a spot on the record, outright.

"There's a lot of great people involved," Shaggy began, stating that he felt as though it was unnecessary for him to audition. The star claimed he'll "leave that to the younger guys." On the other hand, Shaggy made it clear he wasn't salty about it.

He said to the outlet that he heard rumors the new record was great. Other reports have indicated that Rihanna is moving more toward dancehall, rather than pop. It's unclear what led her to the decision, but regardless, the world is eagerly awaiting to hear what Riri has in store.

As it was previously reported, fans of the pop-star have been waiting patiently for new music since her 2016 album dropped, Anti. Since then the artist has been working on other ventures, including Fenty Beauty among others.

Earlier in 2019, Rihanna released a line of products, promoting much of it on her social media.

Whether he appears on the record or not, Shaggy is pleased with Rihanna's new musical direction. According to the "Boombastic" singer,

it's good for the genre to spread around the world and to other artists.

As fans of the singer know, Shaggy, neé Orville Richard Burrell, was born on the 22nd of October, 1968, and is perhaps most famous for the song, "It Wasn't Me," in addition to "Boombastic."

Moreover, the singer-songwriter has had several other hit-tracks, including "Angel," "Oh Carolina," and "In The Summertime." Thus far in his career, Shaggy has been nominated for many awards, including seven Grammys. He has won twice so far for Best Reggae Album.

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