Sex Of New Kardashian Baby Revealed As Kanye West Cancels Fashion Show: Is Yeezy Having Another Breakdown?

Sex Of New Kardashian Baby Revealed As Kanye West Cancels Fashion Show: Is Yeezy Having Another Breakdown?
Source: Business Insider

Kimye has delivered both good and bad news today. As usual, there is a lot going on in the Kardashian-West household and the positive is outweighing the negative -- for now. The married couple confirmed that they have indeed hired a surrogate to carry their new baby that's due in January, but the Yeezy Season 6 fashion show is hereby canceled.

In a new story broken by TMZ, a source close to the two revealed that North West is getting a baby sister! This will be good news to the family since North doesn't like her younger brother, Saint, very much.

Kim explained in an interview: "I don’t know if it’s cause she’s the older sister…I don’t know what it is. I thought it was a phase. She does not like her brother. It’s so hard for me. And I thought it was like ‘OK, a couple months, she’s just warming up to it.’ The phase isn’t going away!"

Sisters, on the other hand, are like two peas in a pod -- as shown by the reality star clan!

Meanwhile, Kanye's plans for putting on a jaw-dropping Yeezy Season 6 catwalk were destroyed due to the fact that they didn't get the pieces ready in time. The hair company that was booked to assist during the show revealed to "Harper's Bazaar" that the team couldn't pull it together to present on September 13.

West wouldn't dare to try to give an event anything less than perfect after his Yeezy Season 4 show was disastrous the year before last. With so much going on in the family, it's understandable why the designer and musician wants to wait.

Recently, it was rumored that the artist was taking illegal substances before his mental breakdown last year, now that Taylor Swift is back on the scene and releasing an album the day of his mother's 10-year death anniversary, Kanye is feeling perplexed.

Hopefully, the 40-year-old is taking the time to tend to his mental and physical health more than anything else because after all, that's what's most important.


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