Seth Rogen Reveals He Has Smoked 'A Truly Ungodly Amount Of Weed' During Self-Quarantine

Seth Rogen Reveals He Has Smoked 'A Truly Ungodly Amount Of Weed' During Self-Quarantine
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Seth Rogen is doing just fine during self-quarantine. The Superbad star appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week to give an update on his life amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and Rogen admitted that we weren’t all in this together because “this has not been that bad” for him.

Rogen wore an Alanis Morissette T-shirt and had messy, curly hair with a scruffy beard as he explained to Kimmel that he has “kind of been self-isolating since 2009.” The 38-year-old actor detailed his daily activities and he also praised the fact that cannabis dispensaries and their delivery services are considered essential.

“Doing a ton of pottery and ceramics,” said Rogen. “I’ve smoked a truly ungodly amount of weed,” before adding that pot “truly is essential” for him.

He also revealed that when he turned 38 on April 15th, his wife Lauren Miller had the perfect idea for a party: his friends drove by and wished him a “happy birthday” from their vehicles.

“All I want is to see everyone for 15 to 25 seconds,” Rogen explained. “I don’t need to get close. I’m more than happy to go out, wave to my friends and speak to them for 15 seconds and everyone go on their merry way. Again I’m really built for this.”

Rogen also pointed out that not having children has made self-quarantine “truly not that bad.” He said that he will be lying alone on his deathbed after not having talked to anyone for 15 years and he’ll be like: “It was worth it for the coronavirus sh*t.”

At the beginning of the interview, Rogen shared one of his best pranks that he’s developed during the lockdown. Rogen said “hello” to Kimmel and started talking about life in lockdown, but his answers weren’t matching up to Kimmel’s questions.

Kimmel appeared to be confused and asked if Rogen could hear him okay, and at that point the camera panned out and revealed that Rogen had been secretly holding up a screen to the camera that was playing pre-recorded messages.

"I've been doing a lot of like Zoom calls and stuff lately, and I realised I don't actually have to be there for a lot of them," explained Rogen. "It's amazing what you can do with pre-recording these days, I've been very productive."

When Jimmy Kimmel asked Seth Rogen if people have been falling for the recorded messages during Zoom calls, Rogen said that he has already given a bar mitzvah speech in the past week and he “sold a pitch to Paramount.”


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