Seth MacFarlane Reveals The Thing He Hates About The Oscars Every Year

Seth MacFarlane Reveals The Thing He Hates About The Oscars Every Year
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Seth MacFarlane has some things he doesn't enjoy about the Academy Awards. On Sunday night, when the 2018 Oscars went down, the comic couldn't help but notice what kind of artists took home the big awards that night.

According to MacFarlane, dramas get way too much attention at the Award's ceremony. The Orville and Family Guy creator didn't want to shut down the people who won, but he couldn't help but notice that rarely do primarily comedic films win Oscars.

When speaking with 14 million followers on Twitter, Seth MacFarlane said, "here's another big problem with the Oscars no one talks about: It's 99% drama."

Seth claimed "Get Out" was a "breath of fresh air," but until a funny film like Bridesmaids or Airplane! get the Best Picture win; he thinks it's "conspicuously incomplete."

However, one person pointed out that the Lady Bird and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, had a lot of comedy within the films. Seth went on to say, "comedic elements for sure, but still a dramatic story first."

MacFarlane continued to explain his position by pointing out other great films of the past including Arthur, Defending Your Life, Little Shop Of Horrors, Back To The Future, and Bridesmaids, all as potential winners.

Furthermore, he touched on the film, Bridesmaids. The Family Guy writer said, "why not?" According to MacFarlane, Bridesmaid was a film that opened the door for female-led comedies.

As Celebrity Insider previously reported, Jordan Peele made history when he won the award for Best Original Screenplay for his film, Get Out. He was the first African-American to take home the veneration, and Seth tweeted, "@JordanPeele! So f**king well-deserved."

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