Sesame Street Throws Shade At Real Housewives With Hilarious Parodies!

Sesame Street Throws Shade At Real Housewives With Hilarious Parodies!

We never thought about this particular mash-up but after seeing it, we are very glad it exists because it’s absolutely hilarious!

Yesterday, Sesame Street took on the Real Housewives in three separate parodies and the results blew us away! The three parodies are real gems and even though you may never have expected this crossover, you’ll definitely be pleased to see the final result.

The unlikely merging of Television worlds was named The Real Grouches of Sesame Street. Obviously! What else did you expect?

We are certain that fans of both sides were very pleasantly surprised to see such an out of the box parody, as were we! We need this sort of entertainment from time to time as it is light and full of puns and inside jokes, you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Not only are the three parody videos very well thought out but they can be appreciated by both Sesame Street fans as well as Real Housewives fans. What more can you want?

In the first video, you meet the lady muppets. There is even one character named Diva Garbagedump ! How fitting!

In the second parody, the Grouches show off their talents and Oscar is very eager to debut his track Grouchy for the Party. Haha!

Finally, the third parody features the Grouches feuding over moldy cheese.

Although kids will understand close to nothing from the shade that is thrown at reality TV shows, adults are sure to laugh their heart out!

It’s necessary to mention that all parody characters are obsessed with trash!

Hm…maybe fans of Real Housewives will not appreciate the clips as much as we thought…Oh, well!

What did you think of the unexpected crossover?

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