Serena Williams And Fiance Alexis Ohanian Welcome A Baby Girl

Serena Williams And Fiance Alexis Ohanian Welcome A Baby Girl
Vanity Fair

And baby makes three! Congratulations are in order for superstar athlete Serena Williams as she delivered a healthy baby girl this morning. This is her first child with fiance, Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian.

The baby was 6 pounds and 13 ounces and both mom and baby are doing really well. Williams has an illustrious and impressive career as a tennis dynamo. She has dominated the sport for years and has amassed 23 grand slam titles. When it comes to her personal life, we've seen her date a few famous faces. She was with rapper Common for a couple of years and notably was also seen canoodling with Drake.

However, it was a big surprise when reports stated she had actually gotten engaged. Much to the shock of many, most didn't even know who she was dating at the point. When pictures of her and Ohanian leaked, internet sleuths went on a mission to identify him. Shortly thereafter, it was realized he was a successful businessman in the tech sector and partly responsible for the popular site Reddit.

After her pregnancy was announced, Williams commented on the sudden, unexpected nature of the last year of her life. She told E News, “It wasn't on my radar. Obviously, I have always wanted kids in my life. But when it happened, it was... I wasn't expecting it but it's been great.”

She wasn't expecting it to the point that she took a home pregnancy test as a joke, forgot about it in the bathroom and didn't return to it until an hour and a half later because she got distracted by other things. When she saw it was positive, she couldn't believe her eyes. “My heart dropped,” she explained.

Her pregnancy was very smooth and she often commented on how much she actually enjoyed being pregnant and how good she felt. This is a toss up in the world of bearing children as some women have tougher pregnancies than others. Seems like it's just the luck of the draw and Williams got a good hand.

The name of the baby girl has not yet been released.


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