Serena Williams And Beau Alexis Ohanian Have First Day Out Without Baby

Serena Williams And Beau Alexis Ohanian Have First Day Out Without Baby

For some new mother's it can be incredibly difficult to leave their newborns soon after they are born. It's actually very common for them to have separation anxiety and for that reason, some don't leave their babies at all for quite some time after they are born.

Grand slam winning Serena Williams figured that very thing out firsthand when her and boyfriend, Alexis Ohanian went out without their newborn daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., for the very first time.

Williams posted a video on Snapchat captioned "First day out. We miss her already."

Whether they stayed out for an hour or significantly longer than that, it's good to see the twosome making some time to spend together after having a baby.

Welcoming a newborn is one of the most exhausting, stressful and highly uncertain times any couple can experience. It's nice that they have the ability and help to take breaks and reconnect with one another.

The couple's daughter was born earlier this month and since then the couple has both been posting pictures of their new little bundle of joy.

In a recent post, the proud papa posted this sweet picture and caption of his baby daughter. Here he ponders what she could be dreaming, perhaps following in either of her parent's footsteps or maybe even doing something completely unforeseen as her own personal passion.

Serena Williams also took to Twitter today to talk about her daughter and the feat she accomplished while pregnant with her.

She revealed that her daughter's initials are AO which also stands for the Austrailian Open. This tournament happens to be the last one Williams won the grand slam title for while she was only two months pregnant with her daughter.

So it seems that little Alexis is already more accomplished than most babies are at barely one-month-old.

Williams and beau, Ohanian recently got engaged, much to the surprise of many as much of the public didn't even know they were dating. Williams pregnancy announcement came a few months after they decided to tie the knot.

There's no word when the wedding will be but one thing's for sure, little Alexis will make one super cute flower girl.


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