Sensei Aishitemasu Continues To Attack Bruno Mars - ‘Outright Copying Is Never OK!’

Sensei Aishitemasu Continues To Attack Bruno Mars - ‘Outright Copying Is Never OK!’
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The YouTube star is not done! Sensei Aishitemasu decided to further explain the reason why she believes Bruno Mars has been appropriating black culture and used it to advance his career and why that is wrong.

In a video posted on YouTube on March 9, Sensei Aishitemasu slammed Bruno for appropriating African-American music without being part of the community himself.

As you can only imagine, many fans rushed to defend the talented singer.

Now, we have learned what the Youtuber thinks about the drama she started and the fan reactions.

‘I do not think anyone needs to stay in their own ‘tribe,’ but I definitely think outright copying’s never okay! Bruno doesn’t advance any of the genres he works with and merely recreates exact copies of pre-existing works, which I think is a real issue.’

She added: ‘And I also think that Bruno should do more with his privilege to not only speak on where he found his ‘inspiration,’ but to call out the music industry that consistently ignores Black art as well as to also amplify marginalized Black artists.’

As for how Bruno himself reacted to the viral video of him being accused of cultural appropriation, one source close to the singer explained that: ‘He was shocked when he heard he was being attacked for appropriating black culture.’

‘Bruno considers himself an artist and a citizen of the world, but he’s also proud of his Puerto Rican heritage. He has much respect for black music and listened to everything from R&B, to hip-hop, rap, and more growing up - he loves it all.’

The insider added that: ‘He credits black people with creating rock, hip-hop, funk and everything else great in America and he’s proud to be a part of the American music landscape… It saddens him that people would argue over his success as a musician or attack him for appropriating, manipulating, or misrepresenting a culture. His motivations and goals have always been to bring people together with love through his music, not to divide.’


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