Selma Blair Reunites With Sarah Michelle Gellar And Fans Are Here For The Love

Selma Blair Reunites With Sarah Michelle Gellar And Fans Are Here For The Love
Credit: Source: Selma Blair/Instagram

Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar reunited and fans are here for the love. The two co-starred together in Cruel Intentions and Scream 2 and have remained close friends. During the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns nationwide, Selma and Sarah were separated from spending time together in person. Now that lockdown has been lifted (for now at least), the two were able to get together and enjoy their friendship. Selma, who is battling Multiple Sclerosis, celebrated her 48th birthday on June 23, 2020, and fans were delighted when Selma posted a recent video to her Instagram account, where she has 2.3 million followers, of Sarah and herself having fun and celebrating Pride month.

Selma and Sarah are early LGBTQ film icons for their same-sex shared kiss in the 1999 movie Cruel Intentions . Same-sex kisses weren't very common in the 90s and the scene was an early groundbreaker for many.

Sarah Michelle wore a Christian Siriano face mask and Selma made it clear she wanted one as well — several days after Sara and Selma captured the footage below, Selma and her eight-year-old son Arthur showed off their matching Siriano face masks.

You may see the video featuring Selma and Sarah below.

Here is the scene from Cruel Intentions that made Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar early LGBTQ film icons.

When Selma Blair first went public with her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis, she was in a full-blown flare-up. Her voice was extremely weak and she was in intense pain. She wanted the world to see what living with MS was like. Her bravery was on display and Selma rallied the support of fans worldwide who continue to pray for her as she continues to fight against the disease.

The Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown were especially hard for Selma as she has recently self-isolated due to a procedure she underwent that left her with little to no immunity. It was easy to see how much reuniting with her friends like Sarah has meant to her after going through so much isolation.

Are you a fan of Selma Blair's? The actress continues to work and can be seen in the television series Lost in Space and Another Life .

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