Selena Gomez's Family Slams Justin Bieber's Relationship With Hailey Baldwin

Selena Gomez's Family Slams Justin Bieber's Relationship With Hailey Baldwin
Source: Popsugar

Justin Bieber moved on quickly from dating Selena Gomez to getting engaged to Hailey Baldwin, and Gomez’s family says the singer is better off because of it. Maria Deleon, Gomez’s aunt, says her niece is much better off without the playboy singer, and she doesn’t even think that Bieber and Baldwin will actually tie the knot.

Deleon met Bieber when he first started dating her niece back when she took him home to Fort Worth, Texas, to meet her extended family.

“Selena brought Justin to my house when they were first friends, he seemed like a nice boy, but everything that went wrong we say, ‘it’s the age,’” Deleon explained. “He was very young. He’s still young!”

Delone later said in her interview with Radar Online that she saw on the news that Bieber was going to marry Baldwin. But with the “way he is” you never know if they will actually make it down the aisle. She says she thinks it is good that Gomez is moving on, and the family doesn’t talk about Bieber.

Sources say that Gomez dumped Bieber because she felt “smothered” by the 24-year-old. But now that she is rid of her toxic ex, she is doing much better.

Deleon says that Gomez is still close to her family in Texas, and she comes down to visit whenever she can. She even visited for Thanksgiving, and the family cooked dinner together. She also reveals that Gomez is “doing very well” following her kidney transplant she received last year after she had complications with Lupus. The Hands To Myself singer received a kidney donated by her best friend, Francia Raisa.

Deleon also revealed that they found out her sister had Lupus at the age of 34, and she had a prognosis of death in one to five years. She ended up being in intensive care for three months, but they believe in God, just like Gomez, and they continued to pray.

Lupus runs in Gomez’s family. In addition to her aunt, there is also another family member who has Lupus, too. Deleon says it is very dangerous, and it was awful when they found out Gomez’s diagnosis. However, she is a miracle and is doing “amazing” now.

She says they tell Gomez to keep praying, and the singer has also made life changes. She eats well and takes care of herself, and she also avoids alcohol.

Gomez has also moved out of Hollywood, and Deleon says that is a good thing because it can be a hard place. Gomez has had her own struggles, but it is a good thing that she is happy now.

Deleon adds that Selena Gomez will definitely be back to see her family in Texas, and they still love her very much.


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  • Bethfangirl#
    Bethfangirl# Jan 23, 2019 9:19 PM PST

    It seems like Hailey was Justin's shoulder to cry everytime Selena hurt him. She listened to all the complaining! Now she makes sure she doesn't do anything to upset Justin! Poor Hailey is acting like the perfect women opposite of how Selena would act towards Justin..Selena was probably a person that would put Justin in his place was real..Hailey is loosing herself into a fake persona so Justin can love her... I hope she wakes up and realizes she is important and special she doesn't have to act like someone she is not..If Justin really loves her he will accept the real Hailey Baldwin..With faults and all! If he doesn't she needs to fix her crown and run!!! Not be a stepping stone she is to good for that..Then again what do I know 🤣✌ #asuperoldfan 😂

  • Suzanne Smith
    Suzanne Smith Sep 17, 2018 12:56 PM PDT

    This is Priscilla Deleon's mother, Priscilla who had to break off her wedding scheduled for this past summer because her long time boyfriend and fiance cheated on her! Now........there's back together! much for "Justin is an a.............e cheater! Guess you better look at your own back door first lady! Also, so happy to report that the "wedding that probably will never take place" as everyone said, has actually already happened! The legal wedding anyway! Looks like Justin isn't the TOXIC ONE! He's living his best life with the best wife ever! Good riddance for him to be rid of Selena! Afterall, she's the one in rehab three times, can't face life and had to escape from LA, is banned from the internet so she won't have another meltdown like she did over Sophia Ritchie! Never seen Justin so happy before!!!!

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