Selena Gomez Would Be Devastated If The Weeknd Dumps Her: Report

Selena Gomez Would Be Devastated If The Weeknd Dumps Her: Report

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are totally feeling each other at the moment, and their three-month-old romance seems to be going well.

The R&B crooner has even officialized the relationship on social media Saturday by sharing a cute photo where Gomez is seen kissing his cheek.

Despite all of these positive feelings, Gomez is still not at ease and fears that the 27-year-old Canadian might leave her for someone else.

A breakup with the R&B star would be devastating for the "Spring Breakers" actress, who had to face some serious mental issues in the past year.

Gomez's stay in rehab forced her to reevaluate her priorities in life, and The Weeknd was the first one she gave her heart to after returning to a normal life.

She has found in him a real source of support and love and now envisions a life where they get married and have children.

An insider told a popular celebrity news website: “If The Weeknd ever decided to dump Selena, it would be her work break up ever. She finally gave her love to someone after her most recent stay in a treatment center.”

The source also added: “She put all her confidence, vulnerability and attention into Abel. If he ever decided that he didn’t want to be continue being in a relationship with her, it would be the most devastating thing. It would rock her to the very core.”

Gomez's fans are happy that she has found a person like the "Starboy" singer after her complicated relationship with Justin Bieber, but they are worried that she is putting too much pressure on the romance.

Moreover, all of this could push The Weeknd out of the door; an insecure lover is never attractive in a relationship.

Gomez has dealt with some level of anxiety in the past, but it is not clear that those claims are accurate.

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