Selena Gomez Thanks Fans For Liking Rare And Shares More Photos As Fans Say It's The Most Beautiful Video Of 2020

Selena Gomez Thanks Fans For Liking Rare And Shares More Photos As Fans Say It's The Most Beautiful Video Of 2020
Credit: Source: Selena Gomez/Instagram

Okay, so there's only been three weeks in 2020, but that doesn't make Selena Gomez's new video for "Rare" any less beautiful! In fact, fans are saying it's the most beautiful video of the year and there's good reason to believe they're right. January is off to a good start for Selena and early indications are that Rare , her album after a four-year hiatus and the project that gave Selena her first number one hit, is going to remain one of the best albums of the year. Now, Selena is showing her thanks, love, and heartfelt appreciation for her fans by sharing some behind-the-scenes photos from the "Rare" music video along with a special message to those who have supported her through thick and thin.

It's no secret that Rare  has been a labor of love for Selena and a painful journey for her to take, but it has proved to be a career-defining moment for her. She has proved herself a true musical artist and those who listen to Rare in its entirety quickly realize they are taking a peek inside of Selena's personal diary.

She had hoped the songs would resonate with fans and they have.

Selena stated the following on her official Instagram account where she has a whopping 166.5 million followers.

I hope you guys are liking the album! I just want to thank you guys for supporting me and this body of work. It means the world to me.. you have no idea. Sorry if it’s been a lot. Anyhow here’s some pics from my Rare music video. 🤎 #Rare

You may see the photo slideshow that Selena Gomez shared that features two black and white photos and a color shot from the "Rare" set.

You may see the official video for "Rare" in the video player below. About the song and the album, Selena stated the following on her official YouTube account.

"Rare is out now. After 4 years of highs and lows and everything in between, I’m so happy to share it with the world. I hope you take this record that means so much to me and make it your own, that the songs resonate with you beyond the music. Love you guys. Like crazy."

Have you watched the "Rare" video and listened to the full album?

Do you agree that Selena Gomez's "Rare" video is the most beautiful of 2020?

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