Selena Gomez shows off Parisian chic at Fashion Week

Selena Gomez shows off Parisian chic at Fashion Week
Credit: vogue

Popular singer Selena Gomez decided to join world stars at the High Fashion Week.

For the occasion, she wore a chic 60s-inspired slip that perfectly captures the style of a real Frenchwoman.

And what could be more sophisticated than the timelessly chic and classic combination of black and white?

For a stroll through the streets of Paris, the 29-year-old pop star opted for a Louis Vuitton look that included a white polo-neck shirt, a black A-line miniskirt, and white dress shoes.

Selena completed the outfit with gold hoop earrings and a leather mini bag. As LV's official ambassador and the star of the Series 5 campaign, it's no surprise that the singer opted for the fashion house for her trip to Paris.

In any case, we advise you to take note of her decision, because you will be able to impress a sophisticated person with an innate sense of style.

In a previous post, It seems that the trips of the eternally young Jared Leto to Russia were not in vain! As you remember, the musician felt great in a hat with earflaps in Moscow and also met with model Valeria Kaufman, who was able to win the heart of a Hollywood star.

The sincerity of his emotions could hardly be doubted because he repeatedly called his beloved "the most beautiful girl on the planet."

But, apparently, a lot has changed in seven years, and even a very passionate romance has lost its strength. Jared is not particularly sad because of the breakup, but with a smile, he realizes that changes await him ahead.

However, they had already arrived because the actor was noticed in Portofino in the company of another Russian model - a sophisticated brown-haired Daria Korchina.


Holidays in Italy are sure to be the perfect place for true love to spring up, and the couple is said to be open about their emotions in public.

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