Selena Gomez Says She's The 'Troublemaker' Of Her Friend Group - Reveals She Was A ‘Nerd’ In High School

Selena Gomez Says She's The 'Troublemaker' Of Her Friend Group - Reveals She Was A ‘Nerd’ In High School
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The singer got candid about her earlier years as well as her friendships like she’s never done before! While a guest on her friend, Raquelle Stevens’ new podcast titled Giving Back Generation, Selena Gomez admitted that in her circle of friends, she is the troublemaker!

However, that was not always the case as she mentioned that back in high school, she would have been considered the nerd!

The first episode of the podcast also featured two of her friends - Ashley Cook and Courtney (Barry) Lopez.’

The group chatted about friendship and trust and it’s safe to say that it was a very wholesome discussion!

And since she was with people that knew her very well, Selena allowed herself to be very honest.

That being said, she admitted some things that even the biggest of her fans may not have known about her.

‘I’m the troublemaker of the group, a little mischievous. I like to make things interesting. And I feel that’s a crucial part of friendship. And I have the safest people to do that with let’s just be honest. For me, I like, I don’t know, that’s what I love, I love getting reactions out of Ashley, I love performing, I love adventure,’ she dished, for instance.

However, the singer also shared that she was a whole different person while in school.

According to her ‘If my cousin wasn’t the captain of the cheerleading team I would have been destroyed [in high school]. Because I was just, you know, I was kind of a nerd and just hung out with like one person. And that’s hard, that’s hard because people, at least when I have meet and greets they always talk about friendships, they always say ‘you know I don’t have a lot of friends.’’

They tell her that the reason why they don’t make more friends is that they are not comfortable talking to new people since they are scared of ‘getting burned,' something many can relate to.

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