Selena Gomez Says She'll Leave Instagram After Dropping Her New Album - It's Too 'Unhealthy!'

Selena Gomez Says She'll Leave Instagram After Dropping Her New Album - It's Too 'Unhealthy!'
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Selena Gomez has no less than 165 million followers on Instagram but as it turns out, she might leave the platform again after the release of her upcoming new album. The singer admitted that being on IG is affecting her in negative ways so she’d rather avoid it.

Selena is number 5 most followed person on the entire photo sharing app and fans always look forward to her posts.

That’s not to say she hasn’t taken any breaks to focus on her mental health, because she has!

While she always comes back, it sounds like she still finds it ‘unhealthy’ for her to be on there which is why she is planning to quit Instagram after she releases her new album tomorrow, January 10.

Once her promotional week for the upcoming music is done, she’s also done with social media!

Yesterday, during an interview for The Wall Street Journal, she shared that ‘I got back on because I was releasing music, but I told my best friend Courtney yesterday, I am going to have to take it off my phone again soon.’

Selena mentioned that she has really close friends that are not entertainers and are doing their own thing and that has helped her stay grounded and connected to life off stage.

‘They know I have an addictive personality, and it can be unhealthy,’ she went on to say, referring to her addiction to Instagram, of course.

Previously, she took a break back in September of 2018 that lasted quite a bit as she came back on January 14, 2019!

This is also not the first time she opens up about how unhealthy the platform is for her!

In the meantime, fans can at least be comforted by the fact that she won't delete her account and that means she can always come back to say hi from time to time!

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