Selena Gomez Says She Will Never Make Racy Music Videos Again - Here's Why!

Selena Gomez Says She Will Never Make Racy Music Videos Again - Here's Why!
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Selena Gomez is not planning on ever expressing her sexual side in any of her future music videos anymore! Here’s why!

The singer has tried it before, with videos like the one for Hands to Myself but fans should not expect her to release anything similar ever again!

Yesterday, during her iHeartRadio Album Release Party, she did a 'question and answer' session with KIIS FM’s JoJo Wright.

That is when she opened up about Hands to Myself and making music videos that are on the racier side.

The reason why she talked about it was that at some point during the party, the video started playing and Selena could not help but cringe since her six year old sister, Gracie was also in the audience.

This caused Selena to promise that she will never make an overly sexual video again, arguing that they are not ‘necessary’ anyway.

‘I didn’t know you were going to play the video. My sister is here. I told my sister that I will not be doing videos like that anymore. It is not really necessary, in my opinion,’ she said.

Nowadays, instead of trying to be provocative in matching underwear, Selena is solely focusing on her music being raw and personal, something that is not easy at all!

In fact, during a previous interview with iHeartRadio, she admitted that making her new album, titled 'Rare,' was a ‘nightmare!’

‘It has taken a couple of years, and things that started in the beginning are still solid and part of my record, and then some came naturally and just … it was easy. I mean, I should not say that. It was actually kind of a nightmare, but it was really easy to me when I just sat down with the records and said, ‘This is exactly how it is supposed to sound.’ So, the other ones are just different and fun.’

She went on to explain that ‘it’s about vulnerability, it is about strength, having fun, not letting yourself stay in this dark place, because I tend to do that a lot. And I have gotten better over time, understanding that it is okay to feel it, but actually staying in it and then pulling yourself back up again is one of the most rewarding processes.’

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