Selena Gomez Reportedly Feels ‘Vindicated’ Following Justin Bieber's Confession He Was 'Reckless' In Their Past Relationship

Selena Gomez Reportedly Feels ‘Vindicated’ Following Justin Bieber's Confession He Was 'Reckless' In Their Past Relationship
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After Justin Bieber admitted he was ‘reckless’ while dating Selena Gomez and he made many mistakes during that time, the female singer supposedly feels finally ‘vindicated!’ However, that is not to say she is over what she went through when they were together as his confession ‘doesn’t take back all that happened.’

In other words, taking responsibility for how his past relationships ended does not automatically mean al his exes will be satisfied with it.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Selena feels vindicated by Justin’s words but that doesn’t take back all that happened while they were together.’

It’s no secret that Justin and Selena used to have a pretty tumultuous on again, off again romance that lasted for about eight years as a whole!

The reported reaction of Selena comes after Justin shared during an interview for Apple Music that he used to be ‘reckless’ in past relationships.

In fact, while he managed to settle down with Hailey Baldwin, at first he apparently warned her he would not remain faithful to her as he was ‘not in the place for’ it.

While she’s not completely satisfied with Justin’s confession and it’s probably too late for her to hear his words, she did appreciate it.

‘Selena doesn’t want her relationship with Justin to define her but she does feel some comfort that he spoke out about what he did. She hopes that he is being genuine,’ the same insider told the news outlet.

While Justin has used Hailey to heal and move on, Selena had another method to do the same and that is her music.

So, her ex’s words are ‘not going to help her move forward in any way, that is what her music is for, to take care of those emotions. Instead of rehashing things over and over she finally thinks she is in a place where her future is bright. What Justin said is what it is and she will take any positives from it that she can but it’s not going to make or break anything for her emotionally moving forward.’

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